Sea of ​​tranquility: The new South Korean series that will make you remember the successful ‘Squid Game’

Inside of , a subject quite touched has to do a lot with the , which causes a shortage of many first-hand raw materials. One of them is water.

Films like Dune have already touched on the theme of an arid world, and the Netflix platform has opted for the South Korean series Sea of ​​Tranquility, which has a very similar setting.

To give a little more context, references to environmental issues were already touched on in cult films such as Mad Max, one of the best in this regard on this issue.

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Sea of ​​Tranquility poses a similar scenario: the search for water to survive. However, what is special about this series is that the solution for their context takes them to the Moon, to drink what is known as “lunar water.”

However, despite all the scenarios and situations that exist in this plot, the director does not stop reminding viewers that the root problem is one: the lack of water due to climate change.

The series revolves around the result of human tensions that occur within an elite body responsible for the mission.

On the other hand, the cast that presents us with this adventure is made up of Bae Doona, Gong Yoo, Lee Joon, Lee Moo Saeng, Heo Sung Tae, Kil Hae Yeon, Choi Young Woo, Jung Soon Won.

Two names are known to have been on the hit Netflix series, the Squid Game: Gong Yoo y Heo Sung-tae.

The series has many scenes that capture the viewer, tense, of silences and memories with flashes to the past, which makes it not a linear narrative of the plot, in addition to adding extra plots to give it even more tension.

Not all variants are resolved, at least not on screen, which makes viewers complete the story in their opinion, as the script leaves some aspects ‘on the air’ for some reason.

Little is known yet who will survive in this odyssey, because in its 8 episodes there are several deaths for different reasons. This is perhaps the closest thing we can find to this series with The Squid Game.

You can watch the series on the Netflix platform, without a doubt, it will be a good companion if you are a fan of science fiction thrillers.


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Sea of ​​tranquility: The new South Korean series that will make you remember the successful ‘Squid Game’