“Sea of ​​tranquility”: explained ending of the Netflix series

BEWARE, SPOILER ALERT. Based on the 2014 short film “The Sea of ​​Tranquility”, ““(” The Silent Sea “in English) is a Korean series starring Bae Doona (” Sense8 “and” Stranger “), Lee Joon and Gong Yoo, who played the recruiter in” Squid Game. “

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The fiction written and directed by Choi Hang-yong is set in a future where the Earth has undergone a desertification process, so only the wealthiest and important people can get enough water to survive. Hoping to change that, researchers send a task force to Balhae Station to retrieve a mysterious sample.

The crew members have different reasons for joining the expedition: Song Jian wants to find out what really happened in Balhae, since her older sister was part of the team that died there five years ago, Han Yunjae needs to improve her level so that his daughter receives proper treatment, while Ryu Taesuk hide a secret.

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Doctor Song Ji-an arriving at Balhae station in “Sea of ​​Tranquility” (Photo: Netflix)


The protagonists of ““They do not know the details of the mission, they only have to retrieve a sample and return immediately, however, certain things make them doubt Director Choi’s report: there is no radioactivity at the station and they find the bodies of the previous crew with signs of drowning.

When one of the members finally finds a sample, something attacks him, kills him and takes the container. Meanwhile, another astronaut gets too close to one of the bodies and catches a strange virus that causes him to expel a large amount of water until his death.

After these strange events, the leader of the exploration team allows Song Jian to investigate what wiped out everyone at the Balhae base and discover that the mysterious sample they must get is lunar water, which could represent salvation for humanity if not for the reason. it acts like a virus and kills its host.

Furthermore, it is revealed that what attacked Han Yunjae’s crew was a girl named Luna 57 who is capable of adapting to lunar water. After connecting with the little girl, Song Jian discovers that her sister Wonkyung carried out sinister experiments with lunar water, with the intention that humans can adapt to the strange liquid they created clones of Luna, and number 57 was the first to present positive results. .

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Han Yunjae sacrificed himself to save the rest of his crew (Photo: Sea of ​​Tranquility / Netflix)
Han Yunjae sacrificed himself to save the rest of his crew (Photo: Sea of ​​Tranquility / Netflix)


Upon learning of the situation, Director Choi promises to send them a rescue ship only if they complete the mission and take the girl away. Although the crew leader agrees, he must first deal with Ryu Taesuk, who is a traitor and is in contact with another team abroad.

After stealing the lunar water samples and murdering his companions, Taesuk intends to kidnap Luna. Han Yunjae finds him, but before he can remove the containers from him, he notices that the station is flooding and he must bring the rest of his team to safety.

At the end of “Han Yunjae sacrifices himself to save Song Jian, Luna, and another crew member, who are rescued and return to Earth. What will happen to the little girl? Is the team leader really dead? Who did Taesuk communicate with? Will lunar water save humanity? Will Song Jian stay by Luna’s side? Are director Choi and Kim Jae-sun hiding more secrets?

Han Yunjae asked Song Jian not to part with Luna at the end of "Sea of ​​Tranquility" (Foto: Netflix)
Han Yunjae asked Song Jian not to separate from Luna at the end of “Sea of ​​Tranquility” (Photo: Netflix)

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“Sea of ​​tranquility”: explained ending of the Netflix series