Schedule of “Unfaithful” Season 2, on Sunday May 1 by Antena 3

What is the schedule of”? will premiere a new and exciting episode this Sunday that will surprise the public through the Antena 3 signal. In the episode on Sunday, May 1, will agree to undergo treatment, while Volkan will be left heartbroken and engulfed in jealousy when he sees Asya and Aras kiss.

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The story of “” (“Sadakatsiz”, in its original language) has become the favorite of the public thanks to the great professionalism of renowned actors such as Cansu Dere Y Caner Cindoruk in the leading roles. But she will also appear in the antagonistic role Melis Sezen who plays Derin.

The clashes between Derin and Asya will continue during season 2 of “Unfaithful” (Photo: Antena 3)

The soap opera “” was released on the screens of Turkey in October 2020 and thanks to its great success it reached Spain, the United States and some Latin American countries.

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The drama of “” tells the story of Asya Y volcan who enjoy a happy marriage but will later be affected by the arrival of Derin who conquers the architect thus destroying the relationship of many years.


Every episode of “” brings new surprises for viewers and this Sunday will not be the exception. It is because of that Antenna 3 unveiled the schedule of the Turkish drama for the weekend.

  • The schedule of “Unfaithful” Sunday, May 1 is from 10:10 p.m. (local time) to 12:00 p.m. (local time).


Derin has returned to continue his revenge against Asya. For this, he will plan a new lie but it will be discovered. However, it seems that the doctor will now have a new name illusion Aras. Know all the details.

Gönul asks Melih to shut up everything she knows about Derin

the lie of Derinfinally, is discovered and Melih he can’t keep hiding that he saw the young woman standing up and decides to tell everything to Gönul. But great will be her surprise when the woman asks her not to mention anything about it for now.

I’ll suggest you go to rehab. You cannot lie to a doctor, it would be too much“, said.

Melih notes that Derin can indeed walk on " Unfaithful" (Photo: Antena 3)
Melih notes that Derin can walk in “Unfaithful” (Photo: Antena 3)

Gönul convinces his daughter

The next day Gönul talk to Derin and tells her that she can no longer continue with her lie and she comes to her senses and accepts what her mother tells her. “Okay, I’ll get some treatment if that’s what you really want.” said Derin.

Derin agrees to go to a clinic for her treatment

The young woman goes to a clinic and when she is alone with Ceren, Nevin’s niece, she explains that her leg has started to tingle. At that very moment, she asks him not to say anything to her family.

I don’t want them to get too excited”. But Derin doesn’t count on Gönul telling Bahar everything.

Volkan warns Asya about Aras

volcan have a serious conversation with Asya about Aras. The man tells him that he must be careful because it is dangerous to approach someone he does not know very well.

We don’t know if he’s a criminal or just crazy“, He says volcan.

Volkan warns Asya about Aras (Photo: Antena 3)
Volkan warns Asya about Aras (Photo: Antena 3)

Aras will have to find another refuge

On the other hand, Aras faces a difficult moment and it is that Nevin tells you that you must leave the hospital within two days at the latest. The young man does not know where he will go after they kick him out of the hospital.

Where will I go now if I don’t know who I am?”, he asks himself.

But Aras He will also be able to damage the hospital’s security system and manage to solve it. Given this, Nevin thanks him and proposes that he stay in a house of his foundation.

Asya and Aras kiss

Asya accompanies Aras to his house where he will stay for a long time and then they talk in the garden. Aras take a picture of the doctor.

You are beautiful in this image”, expresses Aras.

Then their gazes intertwine and the young man approaches her ending in a kiss. But this scene will be seen by volcan who is consumed by jealousy.

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Volkan will see Asya and Aras kiss in the soap opera "Unfaithful" (Photo: Antena 3)
Volkan will see Asya and Aras kiss in the telenovela “Infiel” (Photo: Antena 3)

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Schedule of “Unfaithful” Season 2, on Sunday May 1 by Antena 3