Sasha Sokol vs. Luis de Llano: The 10 key points to understand the scandal

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Sasha Sokol will confront producer Luis de Llano with the authorities, with whom she would have had a relationship when she was 14 years old and he denied having committed any crime for this fact, but here we give you 10 key points to understand this scandal.

The former member of the group Timbiriche, Sasha Sokol, accused Louis of Llano of abusing her when she was 14 years old and he was 39, an act that is a crime and the singer assured that she will sue the producer for all the abuses he committed in the past.

Points to understand the scandal Sasha Sokol vs. Louis of Llano

Many wonder why there is a huge controversy over this revelation of Sasha Sokol on Luis de Llanothat is why here we tell you 10 key points to understand this scandal:

Sasha was 14 and Luis 39 when they started their relationship

Luis de Llano was 39 years old and Sasha Sokol 14 when they entered into a relationship, this is a crime, since the singer was a minor, something that is strongly punished in Mexico.

Sasha revealed that Luis de Llano was older than his father

The producer Luis de Llano was 39 years year older than the father of Sasha, which meant a real scandal for the life of the singer.

Sasha Sokol’s parents knew about the relationship

Fernando Díez Barroso, adoptive father of Sasha and Magdalena Cuillery They always knew about their daughter’s relationship, although they did not sue the producer, they did protect the singer by sending her to Boston.

Sasha’s stepfather ‘unadopted’ her

Once sasha sokol revealed her affair with Luis de Llano, Fernando Diez Barrosor he ‘unadopted’ her, since she did not accept this relationship.

Her mother forced her to leave Timbiriche

to drive away Sasha Sokol by Luis de Llanoher mother decided to take her daughter out of Timbiriche while having success and fame. The singer was never as successful as she was when she was with the group afterwards.

The singer hid their relationship despite being in Boston

Once you got to Boston, Sasha had a long-distance relationship with Louis of Llano and hid it for a couple of years, until her mother discovered it again.

Sasha could not end the relationship with Luis de Llano

Due to the power that Luis de Llano had at that time, sasha sokol she feared if she ended her relationship with the producer, as it could end her stage career.

Luis de Llano assured that he fell in love with Sasha Sokol

In the interview he gave Yordi Rosado, Luis de Llano He assured that he was in love with the former Timbiriche and that it was she who decided to leave in the end.

Luis de Llano committed ‘Grooming’

Sasha accuses Luis de Llano of committing ‘Grooming’which he defined as “a series of behaviors and actions undertaken by an adult, with the deliberate objective of gaining the trust of a minor, creating an emotional connection, in order to sexually abuse him.

Sasha Sokol affirmed that she will face Luis de Llano in court

Now, sasha sokol is willing to confront Luis de Llano for his abuses and face the authorities, who will determine if the producer committed a crime.

These are 10 points to understand the scandal in which Luis de Llano is involvedafter being accused of abuse by Sasha Sokol.

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Sasha Sokol vs. Luis de Llano: The 10 key points to understand the scandal