Sasha confirms legal action against Luis de Llano after alleged “abuse”: “See you in court”

On March 30, De Llano defended himself and denied that he had broken the law or done anything “immoral.” He alleged that his relationship with the also actress ” was always open and transparent for her and her family.”

Sasha Sökol responds to Luis de Llano

The former member of Timbiriche, of which Luis de Llano was the producer, published a new and extensive statement on her social networks at night on Tuesday, April 5.

In it, he revealed new details of the “relationship” he had with the creative and denied that the situation had been handled in a “transparent” manner, as he claimed.

Luis lies when he wants to involve my parents saying the relationship was ‘transparent’. Nothing is further from the truth. Transparency? Are you serious?”, questioned the 51-year-old artist.

“My parents they found out about the relationship two years later for it to start. I reiterate: when it started, I was 14 (years old); When they found out, I was close to 16. How could they have consented to something they didn’t know existed?” the interpreter wrote.

revealed that her mother, Magdalena Cuillery, did seek to proceed legally against him, but assured that due to the power that Luis de Llano had in the entertainment industry, her lawyers dissuaded her from doing so.

According to Sasha’s version, her mother confronted the producer, now 76 years old, to ask him to get away from the teenager and took her out of Timbiriche to send her to a “boarding school” outside of Mexico.

Sasha will take her case to court

After her mother confronted Luis de Llano, she assured that her relationship with him continued in secret and defined the alleged “abuse” as “‘grooming'”.

It is a term that international organizations such as Save The Children define as a ” criminal form of stalking involving an adult who comes into contact with a child or adolescent for the purpose of gaining little by little your confidence to then engage in sexual activity“.

“What leads a minor to have sexual relations with an adult?” The actress also questioned in her new writing.

Luis was admired and applauded by all around me. Can you imagine what a minor feels receiving the attention of someone like this? Being seen by him made me feel like the most special girl in the world,” she shared.

“There is nothing that revictimizes the victim more than maintaining the impunity of the perpetrator. What I did by sharing the truth was not with the intention of stoning Luis. He is stoned for his actions“, he sentenced.

According to experts in the field consulted by the newspaper Reforma, “proceeding legally will not be easy” in your case.

In May 2021, the Congress of Mexico City approved a reform to the criminal code of the capital in which it was guaranteed that the crime of pederasty does not prescribeas reported by the newspaper El Universal at that time.

However, rape does prescribe. The crime refers if an adult has sexual relations obtaining consent through deceit with a person over 12 years old, but under 18.

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Sasha confirms legal action against Luis de Llano after alleged “abuse”: “See you in court”