Sara Corrales said goodbye to her look from “My way is to love you”: her new image delighted fans

The name of Sara Corrales has been closely linked to that of Gabriel Soto in recent months, due to rumors that the actors are in a loving relationship and that, even, she already introduced him to her mom.

Sara Corrales changed her look: she no longer has the red hair of “My way is to love you”

It was in mid-January 2023 when the cast of the soap opera shared glimpses of their latest recording on their social networks.

It didn’t take long for the actress who gave life to Úrsula in ‘My way is to love you’ decided to turn the page and renew her look, because on January 17 she used her Instagram account to show off her new style.

As she showed, she let go of the redhead that characterized her in the soap opera and gave way to a caramel brown dye, with thin lighter locks, which gave her hair more light.

Sara Corrales’ change of look was carried out by the stylist Nicholas Paredes, to whom she has entrusted her hair on past occasions.

About why she decided to get rid of her character’s color in “My way is to love you”, the actress expressed:

“Every time I finish a television project, I run to change my look to eliminate the image of my previous character.”

In the same way, he assured that he likes to “try other colors to see me differently” and that “I am not afraid of changes.”

Without giving many details about it, Sara Corrales revealed that she is also preparing for a new project on television, although her fans will have to wait to hear the news.

In the comments section, her fans praised her new style, as well as her dedication to transforming as a fiction requires:

“Very true, you are a chameleonic in your work on TV in none of you look like the other, I congratulate you for that”, “That color was spectacular”, “You are professional, that’s how a great actor must be”, “In any case, you look beautiful”, “I love your hair”, “regardless of the color of your hair, you always look spectacular”, “And you’re still beautiful”, “I love your look”, “Whatever you do looks super cute”.

Sara Corrales revealed the aesthetic procedure she follows

After renewing her hair, the actress also wanted to give her skin the right treatment. She thus let it be seen on her Instagram stories, from which she documented her visit to the Kioo Center clinic.

There, he spoke with a doctor, who confessed to his fans that the procedure they would do on the patient is called the texture protocol, which uses fractional radiofrequency to generate heat in the skin and “activate” the fibroblasts (cells that contribute to the production of collagen).

However, the star who is romantically related to Gabriel Soto did not show the results of the intervention.

Tell us in the comments, did you like Sara Corrales’ makeover? Do you prefer her hair red or brown?

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Sara Corrales said goodbye to her look from “My way is to love you”: her new image delighted fans