Sanfic Industria exhibits the new series of Los Prisioneros and film by Oscar winner – La Tercera

In its 2017 edition, Cannes included in its official selection the returns of Twin Peaks and Top of the Lake. The same has been done in recent years by the Venice Festival with titles such as The New Pope and Secrets of a marriage. Thus, by leaps and bounds, the series are present in the biggest cinema events in the world, and the trend is on the rise. Another sample: Succession, probably the great television history of the present, showed this month at the London Film Festival the first chapters of its third season.

Fictions in serial format have grown in prestige and popularity in recent years, and this is also understood by Sanfic Industria, the first film meeting to premiere this type of productions in Chile. In its tenth version – to be developed between now and November 5 – it will feature five series hitherto unpublished in the country.

Jorge González and the Cleopatras. Photo: @ ArayaCorvalán

According to Gabriela Sandoval, director of the contest, the idea has as a precedent the exhibition of the first two chapters of the Chilean-Finnish co-production Invisible heroes, within the framework of Sanfic 2019.

“As an Industry – independent of the festival’s programming – we had the intention of having a space open to the public with series premieres. Although the pandemic forced us to rethink our relationship with them, at that moment Series Lab was born, our project laboratory for Conosur, while we closely followed the premieres of Latin American productions in other markets with the idea that in our anniversary version we could carry out screenings in person ”, indicates the director. Now, he explains, the plan is for it to consolidate in the future as “a space where platforms and producers can premiere their first episodes, not only at the national level.”

The title that by far gets the most attention is The prisoners, the fiction made by Movistar and the producer Parox about the life of the San Miguel band during the second half of the 80s. A journey through the construction of The voice of the ’80s, his Latin American success and the relationship with the Cleopatras, which has the rights to the band’s songs. Headed by actors Aron Hernández (Jorge González), Andrew Bargsted (Claudio Narea) and Diego Madrigal (Miguel Tapia), the production will debut in Madrid, at Iberseries Platino Industria, where it showed the first of its eight episodes.

“The general feeling and evaluation is very positive, given that it has received very favorable reviews from the specialized public and the press,” says Ariel Griffouliere, manager of Home Business Development at Movistar Chile. The exhibition of the series at Sanfic Industria will be within the closing of the event (November 4) and access will be reserved exclusively for guests, while its official premiere is set for the summer of 2022 on the Movistar Play platform. “Prior to this, we do not rule out any possibility of dissemination that brings our content to even more people,” says the executive.

Meanwhile, the other four series that arrive at the contest will have performances open to the public at Matucana 100. Present with two of its six chapters (Wednesday, November 3), Colombian fiction Colorful life follow the dizzying experiences of a non-binary artist from Valledupar when the trans woman he lives with is the victim of an attack. Music, dance and a portrait of the coast of Colombia lead a story that won the Special Jury Prize in September at the prestigious Séries Mania Festival (France).

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Colorful life

Also with an LGBTI theme, Argentina Cross (Thursday 2) revolves around two fathers who secretly meet with other men to explore their femininity through transformism. Sanfic Industria will feature its eight ten-minute episodes. Meanwhile, from the documentary, Trans (Wednesday 3) addresses the case of the first transgender girl to be officially recognized by the Argentine State. The production of the filmmaker Agustín Toscano (The starter) will show its first chapter and is the only one of the group that arrives in the world premiere category.

The neighboring country closes its participation with This is not a hotel (Monday 1), fiction that has just debuted at the Canneseries and will also be exhibited in its entirety locally. In the key of a dramatic comedy, it focuses on a woman who suffers a break with her partner and comes to live in the house of her twenty-year-old daughter.

Presented by Fundación CorpArtes and produced by Storyboard Media, Sanfic Industria continues to be the Sanfic area where Chilean and Latino projects that will see the light of day in the coming years are being promoted. The pandemic, however, triggered the calendar to move away from the main event and to develop its delayed 2020 version last March.

Separated into five sections, and with the participation of more than 250 filmmakers, the festival includes in its selection the new feature films by national directors Bernardo Quesney (History and geography) and Roberto Doveris (Ghost project) –Both in post-production–, while in a more embryonic stage there is Lucio A. Rojas with The boy who gave us Venus.

The latter is also exhibited finished Apps, an anthological horror film that brings together five short films and will be shown on Wednesday 3 at Matucana 100. Directed together with Sandra Arriagada, Camilo León, Samot Márquez and José Miguel Zúñiga, the film is part of the first edition of Sanfic Industria Mórbido Fest, the association that the event inaugurates with the renowned Mexican Morbid horror contest.

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Mad God

“The objective is to promote new creators and to be able to have the premieres of horror / fantasy genre films in Sanfic in the near future or to see them in other international or national instances. For this, we are working from the laboratory space and adding the necessary alliances to achieve this objective ”, explains Gabriela Sandoval.

In addition to Apps, four films will be shown in screenings open to the public: Welcome to Hellby Jimena Monteoliva; The black minutesby Mario Muñoz; On the 3rd day, by Daniel de la Vega, and the animated Mad Godby Phil Tippett, Hollywood visual effects legend and double Oscar winner (Star Wars: Return of the Jedi, Jurassic Park). Only the latter will be exhibited in the Insomnia room in Valparaíso, on Friday 5.

If the festival closes with genre films that have not been shown in the country, today the inauguration will have a broader focus: the actors Ignacio Achurra and Malucha Pinto, constituents of the Commission on Knowledge Systems, Cultures, Science, Technology, Arts and Heritage, will lead the discussion “Let’s talk about culture in the new Constitution for Chile” starting at 20 hrs.

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Sanfic Industria exhibits the new series of Los Prisioneros and film by Oscar winner – La Tercera