Roberto Martínez mocks Ethel’s forgiveness: “Great, I’m not going to take my nugget to sleep anymore”

HE TAKEN IT SPORTLY. communicated this Thursday with Amor y Fuego, after the program released a note with some old statements from in which he assured that he had forgiven Roberto Martínez for his infidelity to but he did not forget his betrayal.

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“Ethel said that she is a daughter of God, a Christian and that she has managed to forgive you, but not to forget the betrayal you did with her mother, that she would not be your friend,” Rodrigo Gonzalez said. “I haven’t heard that… I thank divine providence for forgiving me… I was already saying why I haven’t been sleeping well these years…”, said the ex-husband of “Señito” as a joke.

In addition, he recognized that the reaction of Julián Alexander’s girlfriend is the reaction of any daughter. “I think we could be a successful marriage, I take responsibility for what happened,” Indian.

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The former soccer player commented that he does not see Ethel Well several years ago, since he participated in The big show. “I recognize that my marriage to Gisela could have been a totally different thing, I take full responsibility, I was to blame for the separation and if Ethel was affected, I apologize, I don’t know why, but…”, he added.

In that sense, he assured that the main problem in their relationship was that they began to share their intimacy with the public. “I think we missed that topic, but I have to regret something, I regret it”, narrowed down

On the other hand, he commented that when he saw Señito again when he returned to the Great show They had a very fun time with friends. “We drank a good wine, we went out, we went dancing, but there never was a ‘remember’ and it’s not that I’m giving it to myself, but the moment didn’t happen because we were in other stages”Roberto Martinez said.

Likewise, he indicated that after his participation in El Gran Show ended, he continued to go as reinforcement, he met Ethel Well and greeted each other cordially. “If he has forgiven me great, I will no longer take my nugget to sleep”, he added jokingly.

Ethel Pozo assured that she forgives Roberto Martínez but does not forget the betrayal of her mother, Gisela Valcárcel. The former soccer player spoke and joked with the subject.


and they spilled honey on social networks, as they uploaded photos and videos of the moments they spent together.

“Everything is very good in my relationship, the preparations for the wedding are going well, he (Julián) is a blessing in my life, we are very similar, we are very daddies, always next to Dome, Luana and Cristóbal doing things. I love my role as mom and him, that of dad, so he is a person who likes the same thing… we share barbecues, walks, always thinking of the family”said the television host months ago.


and does not lay hands on fire for any man. This he said while discussing the

“I think it has happened to everyone, more to those of us who work on television who ask us if everything that happens in (their) lives is true, because we are participants in the lives of Néstor, Susy and Flor for years. . Many times they say one thing yes, others no, but yesterday’s tears (from Nestor) were true”, Ethel Pozo pointed out.


received to who recounted a series of anecdotes of his time in -club of which he was captain-, as well as his football career. Do not miss the best of this conversation that Luis ‘Cuto’ Guadalupe managed to obtain with the former player heartthrob, in the first of three installments of this talk.

How did you start in football?

I was studying at La Salle school, in transition at that time, in first grade. My classmate was ‘Tito’ Chumpitaz, the son of Héctor Chumpitaz, and one day during recess his father had come from Mexico, I think, he was playing in the ‘U’, something like that, he tells me, to go to ‘Lolo’. I was 6 years old, my old man took me with my brother and I stayed in the ‘U’ from the age of 6 until I was 16, more or less, and at 17 I went to San Agustín with a scholarship to study.


Yes, with a yapa scholarship because when I went to the father I told him that I came from Mariscal Domingo Nieto, a school in Magdalena and when I went I saw the courses, I told him “father, how am I going to do here”. He told me, “don’t worry, compadre, you play soccer, study and approve such courses for me, but make an effort”. And so it was, he supported me a lot, we won the second division, we went up to the first division and we won the first division with a new team. Practically, Jaime Duarte and 10 other guys.


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Roberto Martínez mocks Ethel’s forgiveness: “Great, I’m not going to take my nugget to sleep anymore”