Ricardo Montaner’s bad moment in La Voz Argentina: “It costs me”

Ricardo Montaner starred in a particular moment in full transmission of The Argentine Voice. A participant sang a song by Ricardo Arjona and the singer could not contain the emotion by giving you a refund. In that framework decided to open up and share his personal feelings on the talk show. phone.

In the edition of last Thursday, June 16, Leonardo Jury got up on stage The voice and singing “tarot”theme made up of Arjona. With absolute passion, the young man interpreted said song and managed to captivate both Montaner and Soledad “La Sole” Pastoruttiwho they did not hesitate to press the red button.

Immediately after finishing the topic, Richard He took the floor and revealed what caused the show that Leo provided: “You put me in a mood… like sadness. You conveyed that”. The participant reacted and indicated: “It was a bit the idea… to give the message that, sometimes, we all sink or think about entering that darkness. And it is a message so that we wake up and think that there is always a solution for everything”. And he stressed: “The song talks a little about that.”

Visibly moved, and after learning that Leo was 28 years old, the famous singer said: “You know you look like 18? I’m telling you with good vibes, You give the impression that you are a child, that you are…, but that you walk like a child who walks trying to find your way and your own platform, your footprint”.

with a broken voice, Montaner He opened his heart and confessed that he made him go through a very strong and painful moment: “It made me sad to listen to you. That sadness transmitted by someone who knows how to transmit. You made me fall into the atmosphere that you created with your interpretation, and now it’s hard for me to change the subject”. And he concluded: “If another participant comes with a topic higher up, it would be difficult for me to enter after this environment that you planted in my heart”.

Finally, Ricardo Montaner He invited him to join his team. did the same “The Sun”who also praised him: “I really liked your color of voice. I noticed more in that than in the song. I don’t know if you made me sad, but you did transmit it to me. An artist cannot miss that. It’s really nice what you did.” What decision did Leonardo make? He chose the author of “Tan Enamorados” and “Let me cry”, among other great hits.

Ricardo Montaner destroyed La Sole in La Voz Argentina

It all happened during the audition of Naiquén Galizio, a 32-year-old singer who dazzled with her voice timbre and great intonation. Towards the chorus of the theme, Loneliness Pastorutti Y Ricardo Montaner They decided to turn around at the same time to invite the contestant to be part of their respective teams, but La Sole made a quick decision: he blocked the singer-songwriter.

This new option provided by the production allows the jurors to block their teammates when they believe they are their greatest rivals and this disables them from choosing that team, even if it had turned around. For this reason, when Montaner saw that Soledad Pastorutti blocked him, he couldn’t hide his anger: “It’s mine, oh, they blocked me, damn it!”.

As soon as Naiquén’s presentation ended, Montaner He got up and went to hug the participant. “Some of these blocked me, I think it was La Sole with that face of a dead mosquito. But tell me the truth, you were going to come with me, right?”the singer inquired after launching the strong accusation against his partner.

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Ricardo Montaner’s bad moment in La Voz Argentina: “It costs me”