Revolutionary marathon: These are the series and movies that arrive on Netflix in November

Time flew by and we can’t believe it, but we are two months away from the end of 2022. However, the last weeks of this year we will have a lot of important and interesting releases, or at least that’s what the guy Netflix has made it clear to us with the announcement of everything that will arrive in its catalog in November (Yes, it will include one or another jewel that will keep us awake at night).

To give you an idea, this month we will be able to see long-awaited series, such as 1899 (the new production from the creators of Dark), merlin starring Jenna Ortega, the mere gossip of the royal family with the fifth season of The Crown and of course the sequel Enola Holmes with Millie Bobby Brown and Henry Cavill. So as you will see, many things will have to be checked and here below we leave you the complete list of premieres.

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Young Highnesses: Season 2 (11/1/2022)

Reluctant to accept his new responsibilities as a royal, Wilhelm fears his title will make him give up everything he cares about.

Blockbuster (3/11/2022)

The manager of the latest Blockbuster struggles to keep his store open and his staff happy amid competition and difficult feelings.

The Fabulous Life (11/4/2022)

Four friends struggle to fulfill their dreams in the world of fashion while dealing with demanding jobs, romantic dilemmas and nights on the town.

Manifest: Season 4 (4/11/2022)

Between pain and misfortune, the Stone family and the passengers of Flight 828 search for the true meaning of their calls among disturbing signals.

The Secret of the Greco Family (4/11/2022)

The Grecos seem to be a very normal family, but their home is actually the operational center of a series of crimes. No one in your social circle is safe.

The Crown: Season 5 (9/11/2022)

Diana and Carlos wage a media war. The role of the monarchy is under debate and Queen Elizabeth II faces her biggest challenge to date.

Zac Efron: Down to earth – Season 2: Australia (11/11/2022)

Zac and Darin have an eye-opening adventure in Australia, where they explore the rich biodiversity and culture…and the efforts to protect them.

Someone’s Lying: Season 2 (11/16/2022)

Someone joins the Bayview Five as texts appear from a mysterious figure, Simon says, who knows full well what they did.

Riverdale: Season 6 (11/16/2022)

The darkness knows no bounds: Archie, Betty, Cheryl, Veronica and Jughead face another season of uncertainty and mystery in their hometown.

1899 (11/17/2022)

Full of hope, passengers on a ship bound for the new world find themselves plunged into a nightmare when they find another ship adrift.

Dead to Me: Season 3 (11/17/2022)

A hit-and-run started it all for Jen and Judy. Now, another shocking accident alters the future of their friendship. All roads lead to this.

Elite: Season 6 (11/18/2022)

Everyone is looking for something this year in Las Encinas, be it love, revenge or millions of followers. But will they all make it out alive?

Somebody (11/18/2022)

A developer creates a dating app in search of a real connection, but falls prey to a killer who hunts victims from his platform.

Merlin (11/23/2022)

Bright and a little dead inside, Merlina investigates a murder spree while making new friends and enemies at Never Again Academy.

How much does blood weigh? (11/25/2022)

As another year begins at Parkhurst, Puleng and Fiks search for a missing loved one, but their perseverance may put them in grave danger.


Mr. Bean’s Vacation (11/1/2022)

The ill-fated Mr. Bean goes on vacation to the French Riviera, where he becomes involved in an accidental kidnapping and a case of mistaken identity.

Miami Vice (11/1/2022)

To identify those responsible for a series of murders, Tubbs and Crockett go undercover with a South Florida drug lord.

Enola Holmes 2 (4/11/2022)

Enola takes on her first official case as a detective, but she’ll need the help of her friends—and her brother Sherlock—to solve the mystery.

The Claus Family 2 (11/8/2022)

What is Santa’s only job? Deliver gifts. But as he carries on his grandfather’s legacy, Jules finds a very special letter.

A soccer movie… and mutants (9/11/2022)

Four soccer superfans team up to help their idols get their skills back after an evil scientist steals their talent.

Sudden Christmas (11/10/2022)

After losing her memory in a skiing accident, a stuck-up heiress ends up in the care of a widower and his daughter during Christmas time.

Daddy’s Dragon (11/11/2022)

A boy travels to the mysterious Savage Island, where he encounters ferocious beasts and strikes up a friendship that will last a lifetime.

The Prodigy (11/16/2022)

In 1862, a troubled nurse travels from England to a remote village in Ireland to investigate a girl’s alleged miraculous fast.

Christmas with you (11/17/2022)

Granting a young fan’s wish to meet her in person, a pop singer finds more than just inspiration for her new holiday hit.

The Land of Dreams (11/18/2022)

With an eccentric partner, a young orphan ventures into Dreamland to find a magical pearl and fulfill her greatest wish.

The Wow (11/23/2022)

Chema has a mission: to go out with Claudia, the attractive new student at his school, in order to lose his virginity before finishing high school. Will she be able to fulfill her dream before she graduates?

The swimmers (11/23/2022)

From devastated Syria to JJ. OO. of Rio 2016, two swimming sisters pour their hearts into a heroic cause.

Christmas on the farm (11/23/2022)

After inheriting a farm, a widowed father struggles to adjust to small-town life…while his children hatch a plan to stay there forever.

Noel’s diary (11/24/2022)

A novelist meets a woman searching for her birth mother. Will the found diary reveal what their pasts hide… and her hearts?

A Man of Action (11/30/2022)

In this drama inspired by the life of Lucio Urtubia, an anarchist plans an ingenious counterfeiting operation against one of the biggest banks.

A prince in New York (11/30/2022)

An African prince is not satisfied with his beautiful fiancée, so he travels to the US in search of someone who will fall in love with him, not his wealth.

Documentaries and specials

The ins and outs of FIFA (9/11/2022)

Disputes, controversies, power, international politics. An investigation reveals the history of FIFA and how much it costs to organize a World Cup.

The capture of the murderous nurse (11/11/2022)

This documentary reveals how an intensive care nurse was shown to murder his patients and how close he came to never being blamed.

Trevor Noah: I Wish You Would (11/22/2022)

Comedian Trevor Noah tells us about learning German, speaking ill of the dead, judging horror movies, and Indian food in Scotland.

The Taco Chronicles: Cross the Border (11/23/2022)

Across the border in the US, Mexican chefs are keeping tradition alive and experimenting with new flavors.

Blood, sex and royalty (11/23/2022)

This steamy British series offers a look into the lives of history’s deadliest, sexiest and most iconic monarchs.

Ghislaine Maxwell: Filthy Rich (11/25/2022)

This documentary details the sex trafficking trial of Ghislaine Maxwell, an elite woman who was an accomplice of Jeffrey Epstein.

Take Your Pills: Xanax (11/30/2022)

A cure for some, a curse for others. In an eye-opening documentary, patients and experts examine this popular anxiety medication.

children and family

Prince of Dragons: Season 4 (3/11/2022)

Two years later, as Claudia plunges into the world of dark magic, Callum, Ezran and their friends seek to stop her from freeing the mighty Aaravos.

Teletubbies (11/14/2022)

Friends Tinky-Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa and Po are back for more adventures as they learn in this colorful update to the classic series.

Jurassic World: Cretaceous Camp – Mysterious Adventure (11/15/2022)

After a big storm, there are hungry dinosaurs everywhere. Your mission is to help the campers survive in this interactive special.

The Cuphead Show!: Season 3 (11/18/2022)

Do not miss the adventures of the impulsive hero Cuphead and Mugman, his impressionable brother, in this animated series based on the successful video game.

The StoryBots Respond (11/21/2022)

Do you have questions? The StoryBots will find answers! The curious Beep, Boop, Bing, Bang and Bo live fun adventures full of knowledge.

My Little Pony: Make Your Mark – Chapter 3 (11/21/2022)

It’s Wish Day. Will the friends be able to celebrate this special tradition and return in time to exchange gifts for Sunny?

Minions and Friends: Volume 2 (11/8/2022)

Discover animated shorts like “Minions: Binky Nelson Unpacified” in this company’s compilation of the Despicable Me franchise.

Thomas & Friends: The Mystery of the Mountain Lookout (11/25/2022)

After Thomas and Percy are startled by a suspicious tremor, the trains set out to discover the secrets of the old mine on the mountain.

The Action Troop saves Christmas (11/28/2022)

A special flower grows giant, so the kids must stop the sticky little friend from growing bigger and taking over Hope Springs!


Coming to you (11/1/2022)

A teenage girl with a unique nickname due to her looks begins to come out of her shell when she befriends a popular boy at school.

Coming to You 2 (11/1/2022)

The feelings between Sawako and Kazehaya intensify, but, between school events and holidays, neither of them manage to express their love.

APPEARANCES (4/11/2022)

In a society where appearances do matter, an outcast teenager leads a double life alternating between two very different bodies.

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Revolutionary marathon: These are the series and movies that arrive on Netflix in November