Review: ‘Those wonderful years’, this is how a classic is reimagined, the Disney + series is a yes

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The remakes, reboots Y revivals series are still the order of the day. This year we have seen Secrets of a marriage, a miniseries with masterful performances, that had nothing new to contribute to Bergman’s influential work. Nor has he highlighted the return of Gossip Girl, and to render a verdict of Dexter: New Blood we will have to wait to see if his ending gives all that Clyde Phillips has promised, but the reimagining of Those wonderful years shows that some attempts can work as well as Battlestar Galactica The What we do in the shadows.

The newest of the place will have no connection to the title, but this was the series that many of today’s best screenwriters grew up with, and a benchmark in the culture of the late 80s. He ran for six seasons on ABC, winning several of the industry’s most prestigious awards and an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Lead Actor for 12-year-old Fred Savage, who is now returning as director and producer.

Those wonderful years was itself the epitome of nostalgia, following the life of an average suburban family in the 1960s from the point of view of Kevin Arnold, the youngest son, and storyteller in his adult life. The premise, the time in which it is set and how it looks to the past from the present, are maintained in the new version, which manages to be something totally new by making the protagonist family African-American.

The Williams family, the new protagonists of ‘Those wonderful years’.

As Greg said in 3 × 04 Succession, “The 60s were other times. Better times? No, not for everyone”, the life of a white family in the United States of that decade was very different from that of a black one. But, despite the fact that the series looks at the past head-on (as we have seen since the first episode, which takes place on the day of the assassination of Martin Luther King), it always He does it with the innocence of what his protagonist lived then.

Told from the point of view of a 12-year-old child, who is not fully aware of what is happening around him, now in his adult life, and with the Don Cheadle’s charismatic narrationDean Williams has the ability to recontextualize what he experienced, but without what he knows today affects the memory of how he lived those experiences, to which he always returns with affection.

Those wonderful years maintains the essence of the original series, but manages to tell a totally different story than demonstrates eloquence in what does not underline, with characters that are loved, a natural grace and a lot of charm. It is a series that will easily conquer those who reach the title for the first time and also to those nostalgic for the original. If you are among the latter, and you miss the tuning of the header, do not despair because it will appear in the form of a song during the first season.

The new episodes of ‘Those Wonderful Years’ premiere on Wednesdays on Disney +.

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Review: ‘Those wonderful years’, this is how a classic is reimagined, the Disney + series is a yes