Review The Midnight Club – Lights and shadows in the new Mike Flanagan on Netflix

mike flanagan has managed to stand up as one of the grand masters of horror contemporary He recently delighted us with midnight massone of the best series in absolute terms ever seen in Netflixa platform on which it has been growing little by little with productions such as The Curse of Hill House. Now, after several lurches in its conception, the streaming platform launches The Midnight Club (the midnight club), a series that is based on the stories written by Christopher Pike in the nineties and that has been obsessing Flanagan for decades. In Vandal we have been able to see this ambitious adaptation of mystery and horror in advance and we tell you what we thought in a critical no spoilers.

Flanagan is a master of horror and in The Midnight Club proves it

The Midnight Club, one of the most important premieres of Netflix for the terrifying month of Octoberis based more or less faithfully on the novel written by Christopher Pike, published in the now distant 1994. Pike, 66, has a long career in this teen horrorwith a good handful of novels, anthologies and sagas of the most varied conditions, many of them authentic bestsellers. the midnight club is perhaps its crown jewel, and through its pages we discover the story of a group of young people who live at Brightcliffe Hospice, a home for terminally ill patients. Within its walls, every night the protagonists get together when the clock strikes midnight to tell scary storiesestablishing a friendship unbreakable and forging a series of unique bonds.

Flanagan has confessed that he has been obsessed with this project since he was a teenagerlong before he became interested in the literature of Stephen King, wandering over and over again through its pages in order to tell this set of stories told by different teenagers. It is precisely the strongest point of the entire series: the way in which the horror sequences and character development are built and interspersed. The distribution of the midnight club It is headed by a large group of boys and girls such as Adia, Igby Rigney, Ruth Codd, William Chris Sumpter, Aya Furukawa, Annarah Shephard and Sauriyan Sapkota, as well as with the participation of a veteran of the genre, Heather Langenkamp (Nightmare in Elm street), who is in charge of interpreting the enigmatic doctor who is in charge of the hospice.

The series intersperses a mystery around the hospice and a set of horror and mystery stories

The Midnight Club Netflix

It should be noted that Flanagan’s fourth collaboration with Netflix is ​​a work of a different nature from other previous productions, sometimes light and excessively condescending with the viewer, but who knows how to emphasize the issues that matter. Of slow start and somewhat confusing exposition in its first two or three episodes, the series soon finds its place, showing that is more than just a simple anthological collection of stories of different degrees of terror or genre. Soon we will go from stories of serial killers who listen to the voices of their victims to witches capable of seeing the future, guides to the detective stories of the classic cinema of the forties or the impossible missions of video game developers in whose hands destiny is in the hands. from the earth. Each and every one of the stories fit together like pieces of a puzzle around a much greater mystery.the one that hides the very residence in which the main patients are treated, and reveals small details about the personalities of your narrators, such as their fears and phobias.

The Midnight Club Netflix

The healing power of stories

Sometimes Flanagan showrunner and director of the first chapter, proves to be more comfortable delving into the traumas and stories that adolescents suffer in their fateful reality, giving them more space and development within the four walls of hospital rooms and corridors than the stories of their secret club. And it is not something to criticize. Rather the opposite. Sometimes the terror of death from not reacting to medication is scarier than the creature that seems to lurk in the corner of a bedroom or the supposed end of the world. in these parts, The Midnight Club becomes large, and just as its responsible already demonstrated with midnight mass or the underrated doctor sleepreligious beliefs, superstition, or even one’s own fiction -in this case, through escapist stories with terrifying overtones- overlap in a constant search for hope in pursuit of a better place, as healing elements in times of need.

Midnight ClubNetflix

Although everything related -and never better said- are credentials worthy of mention that elevate the series above other minor productions, not everything shines in The Midnight Club. His main creative has been criticized for his leaden pace, for his tendency to overexpose his themes and plots, and for his almost obsessive recreation of the context prior to their stories. all these author samples are present again in the Netflix miniseries, with the occasional episode of clumsy realization. This creates a sort of funnel in the story and the course of the first episodes: if you are able to continue after the first two chapters, the series will conquer you completely. can be an element dissuasive for a type of public that looks for horror stories and easy scares -that there are, even in an absolutely modest way-, but that Patience is greatly rewarded.

It condenses, we would say perfectly, the healing character of the stories in our lives.

The Midnight Club It is a somewhat unusual serieswhich in its evident foundations of terror and mystery, sustains a story about life and hope in difficult times. Flanagan builds again, based on great characters and a script full of value, a solid plot with substance, capable of dazzling the most skeptical. It is not his best project in formal termsnor does it reach the height of his previous jewels on Netflix, but he does treasure the illusion that he himself has previously related and it condenses, we would say perfectly, the healing nature of the stories in our lives.

The Midnight Club premieres all of its episodes on October 7. We’ve seen The Midnight Club in its entirety thanks to Netflix early access and the courtesy of the PR Garage agency.

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Review The Midnight Club – Lights and shadows in the new Mike Flanagan on Netflix