Review of Trese, Netflix’s Philippine Urban Fantasy Animated Series

Criticism of Trese, the animated series based on the Philippine comic of the same name that follows a detective who investigates crimes of a supernatural nature on the streets of Manila.

The Trese series reminds us that Netflix It continues to set itself apart from its competitors in the streaming field by adding more animation to its catalog. The video-on-demand platform has gradually turned animated series and movies into one of its main pillars, especially if we talk about anime and original animation productions.

In recent weeks, Netflix has been surprising us with new animated titles in its catalog, such as Eden, Yasuke O castlevania final season. Now to continue with the wake of the anime, it also arrives It shakes, a new animated series that adapts the Filipino comic of the same name scripted by Budjette Tan and illustrated by Kajo Baldisimo. The creators of the comic also serve as showrunners for the series, with Jay Oliva, Tim Divar, David Hartman and Mel Zwyer taking turns directing the six episodes of this first season.

The cartoon series has been dubbed in English and Filipino, with Shay Mitchell (You, Corpse,) Y Sovereign Liza (Just the Way You Are, Everyday I Love You) lending her voice to the protagonist in the different versions. The English version also features the voices of Manny Jacinto (The Good Place), Steve Blum (Star Wars Rebels), Darren Criss (Superman: Man of Tomorrow), Jon Jon Briones (American Horror Story), Carlos Alazraqui (Big Mouth) and Eric Bauza (Animaniacs), among others

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It shakes is a series of urban fantasy set in the streets of Manila, where in addition to the corruption and murders that the police deal with on a daily basis, families and clans from the supernatural part of the city are added. This new Netflix animated series follow in the footsteps of Alexandra Trese, an investigator specializing in supernatural crimes who tries to maintain the tense balance between humans and the magical underworld of the city.

It is supernatural crime drama It combines classical research elements, working at first in a case-by-chapter style that works almost self-concluding. However, little by little we discover that all the characters we meet and the cases are related within a much fatter kernel than it seemed at first, discovering more about the past of the Tree family and the alliances with the clans of the city.

From the outset, the plot of It shakes it’s very similar to other titles we’ve seen in the past, with the creators themselves admitting a strong inspiration from the adventures of John Constantine and other paranormal investigators of the stick. Of course, it has two great elements that work in its favor and that make this production have its own flavor and personality to differentiate itself from other urban fantasy stories.

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The first, and that manages to give it all its character, is that we completely get out of the Anglo-Saxon fantasy to which we are more accustomed. Trese is a Filipino setting story developed by Filipino creators and it doesn’t hide from it, introducing us to the rich mythology of the country. The monsters and creatures that the researcher faces are inspired by Philippine legends, as well as magic, and all these details can be appreciated from the character design itself to its accents and certain phrases that have remained in Filipino in other languages.

The other point that plays in their favor is that the adaptation of the comic has been carried out in the form of animation and not as a live action series, since by betting on animation for adults they manage to differentiate themselves from other series of supernatural investigations that we have already seen previously. Because although It shakes It offers us certain novelties, such as the fact of having a female protagonist, some troops are still very present and certain twists of the script or resolutions are seen to come.

It is an animated series for adults, perfect if you have stayed with monkey after finishing Castlevania, as he does not cut a hair when he has to resort to more violent and gore scene and it shows us the less kind side of the human and supernatural worlds.

The animation combines elements of anime with a style close to the modern “Saturday Morning Cartoon” that we have seen recently in Invincible. In addition, from BASE Entertainment they have managed to maintain the correct elements of the original comic but knowing how to give the series its own identity stamp thanks to the bright color palettes full of neons and vivid colors. Of course, although the art of this animated series undoubtedly shines in calmer situations and in action scenes, full of magic and effects, it is still very limited at certain times without offering anything special.

Even with these small details, the first season of It shakes it is still very enjoyable, especially if you are fans of this fantasy genre and detective investigations. This first batch of chapters leaves us right with the honey on our lips when things are getting interesting and finally we investigate more in the history of the protagonist, so we have to cross our fingers so that Netflix does not hit the ax to his new animation series and show us more of this Philippine urban fantasy.


Trese is a very refreshing addition to the Netflix catalog. Although the animation is sometimes a bit limited, it shines when it has to and the mix of anime and “Saturday morning cartoon” works in its favor. The combination of Filipino mythical elements and urban fantasy works perfectly and gives Trese her own personality.

The best

The twist and exploration of Philippine myths and creatures. The urban fantasy tone. The animation style,


Sometimes the animation is a bit limited. The story falls into certain worn tropes.