Review of “The Witcher” – Season 3 Volume 1: “At first I didn’t understand and neither did I at the end”

the long awaited Season 3 of “The Witcher” It has arrived, and with it come mixed emotions. The new installment of netflix series It plunges us into the dark and magical world of Geralt de Rivia, but unfortunately, it brings some shortcomings in the script, both in structure and in the construction of the intrigue. NO SPOILERS.

On June 29, the third edition of the fantasy program premiered, although it was only the first 5 episodes. It continues with the events we saw in the previous installment, when Geralt, Yennerfer and Ciri were in Kaer Morhen, but they must leave for the safety of the few remaining Witchers.

Considering the wide variety of series and movies available for streamingthe big question is, Is it worth watching season 3 of “The Witcher”? If you’re a fan of the saga and the first installments were to your liking, chances are you’ll like this one too, because it follows the same line.

And although the show has had positive aspects such as its special effects, costume design and, of course, the pleasure of seeing Henry Cavill in that white wig for the last time (before it’s replaced by Liam Hemsworth), the mistakes of its previous seasons keep repeating themselves. And I don’t just mean that opening scene that seems Straight out of a Zack Snyder movie.

In season 3, Yennefer must teach Ciri to control her powers, but she will need more help (Photo: Netflix)


For those of us who haven’t read Andrzej Sapkowski’s books or played video games, watching the first season was torture, as they mixed different timelines and character arcs, complicating more than necessary a universe that, in itself, was quite extensive. I ended up like the meme”At first I didn’t understand and at the end neither”.

Therefore, when I saw the first two episodes of season 3, I thought they had finally given up pretending to be some intricate fantasy version of Christopher Nolan.because they always fail in the attempt.

The narrative structure was linear and allowed us to empathize with the connection that was forming between Yennefer and Ciri. Little by little, Geralt also forgave the sorceress for her betrayal in the previous installment.

Yennefer told Ciri about her past and how her parents sold her to magicians (Photo: Netflix)

Yennefer told Ciri about her past and how her parents sold her to magicians (Photo: Netflix)

The joy did not last long when the trio eventually break up and we follow 10 different stories at the same time, and not with the same neatness that George RR Martin and his television adapters do.

Also, the arcs that I found most interesting: like what happened to Fringilla after being declared a traitor by Emhyr, they didn’t even get the necessary attention. As the saying would go, “Jack of all trades, master of none”.

In season 2 of "The Witcher"Emhyr arrested Fringilla for lying to him (Photo: Netflix)

In season 2 of “The Witcher”, Emhyr arrested Fringilla for lying to him (Photo: Netflix)

Once the characters return to Aretuza, we return to the same forced feeling of the political game that doesn’t really work.

Season 3 of “The Witcher” tries to distract us with a complicated sequence of events, multiple stories and pandoras boxesso that it is not so obvious that the villainwho have been looking since minute one, he was who we all expected. Which is ironic, considering that episode 5 can be so confusing, but one thing was very clear: we already know who the dark magician who kidnapped Aretuza’s apprentices is and wants to capture Ciri.

We all know it, but the protagonists, who have been designed to be very resourceful, easily fall for the scapegoat, although that is the most obvious way. Which makes us really question the intelligence of Geralt de Rivia and Yennefer de Vengerberg.

Geralt of Rivia finds something very disturbing in the dark wizard's castle in "The Witcher" (Photo: Netflix)

Geralt de Rivia finds something very disturbing in the castle of the dark wizard in “The Witcher” (Photo: Netflix)

Perhaps the only thing that still remains a mystery is the reason why said magician (who he was already a suspect since the battle of Sodden) is doing all of this. Are you really working for Nilfgaard? Or does she have other, more personal reasons?

Of course, I invite you not to take my word for it and see the more than 5 hours long from the first volume. If you end up agreeing with me, feel free to share this review on your social media and say, “I should have watched ‘House of the Dragon’ season 1 again”.

Maybe now that Henry Cavill is out of DC and out of “The Witcher,” Ryan Condal can give him a call for season 3, or a last-minute ticket on season 2. Anyway, we will see more of him in the Volume 2 of the Netflix series, premiering on July 27 and here I am with another honest review.

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Review of “The Witcher” – Season 3 Volume 1: “At first I didn’t understand and neither did I at the end”