Review of Star Wars: The Bad Remittance 1×05: Fury, now available on Disney Plus

The fifth episode of Star Wars: The Bad Shipment is now available on Disney Plus. Let’s see what trouble the members of Clone Force 99 have gotten into today.

Like every Friday, it is time to relax and enjoy the episode of the week of Star Wars: The Bad Consignment, the new animated series by Dave filoni focused on Clone Force 99 in the time immediately after the end of the Clone Wars.

Today’s episode is titled Fury, something very far from the Jedi style, but considering how little the Jedi Order In this historical period and in what we have in series, we are not surprised to find a plot “so furious”.

Word games aside, today in Hobby Consolas, we tell you what we think about the Star Wars Episode 5: The Bad Remittance. As always, we remind you that in this review you will not find spoilers for the episode, until the warning arrives, but there will be mentions of events from previous episodes.


The fortuitous encounter the group had in the Star Wars Episode Four: The Bad Remittance makes them look for answers to several of their questions. For this they will need to go to one of the contacts whom they think they can trust.

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This will take you to a planet that is long known within the Star Wars imaginary, although on rare occasions we have “set foot” on it. Although it is true that it is a planet that we could see and enjoy in video games such as Star Wars: The Old Republic.

There they await the answers they seek, and perhaps a possible recurring ally in the future, but first they will have to pay the price for those answers.


Continuing with the familiar parallels that Star Wars: The Bad Consignment has with The Mandalorian, the fifth episode will bring us one of those “commission stories” that have so characterized the adventures of Din Djarin and Grogu.

We are sure that if you are here it is because you know many Star Wars curiosities, but we are going to review some of the most elusive for the general public and that only the most fans of the franchise handle.

“Do you want something? Well, first you have to do something for me.” Clone Force 99 will receive a commission that could well have filled any of the episodes of The Mandalorian. The adventure will lead them to meet some infamous beings that we already saw at the time in The Clone Wars (To which in general I am quite disgusting, really).

With what if we stay is with him detail of the final section of the episode, which we will talk about next in the spoilers area. Well spun, Filoni, well spun.

ATTENTION: From this point on we will enter spoilers for the episode.


Well, generally speaking, the episode hasn’t brought any breakthroughs to the main plot. We remain focused on Omega and in her evolution with the group, but neither the mysteries around her nor the plot of Crosshair They have advanced again, and it begins to be very necessary, even a little bit.

The character of Cid it could become recurring, as we have seen in the final scene of the episode. The trandoshana It could become a source of income for the group, which we know well that they need credits to be able to stay in hiding without going through hardships.

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We meet again with Zygerrians, the infamous slavers who had the displeasure to meet in The Clone Wars. We can see that they have not lost their particular taste for enslaving others, or for the whip.

And we also have Muchi, a “teenage rancor” who is the group’s goal to repay Cid. During practically the entire chapter, despite the “scene that gives us clues”, we have thought that Muchi was a rancor, without more. But it is at the end when we discover that it is THE rancor that years later would be seen with Luke Skywalker in the Jabba Palace on Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi.

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The Fifth Episode of Star Wars: The Bad Consignment is maintained by all the little details that keep the fan passionate, but in general, we repeat that center frame needs a little push so as not to stagnate excessively. For now it is progressing very slowly, and it is not always a positive thing. By the way, very fan of the use that Wrecker gives to GNK droid of the ship in the last episodes. You have to keep those backs and those braces.


Although the fifth episode of Star Wars: The bad consignment still does not advance in the main plot, the many details that it leaves us make it entertaining and with a good dose of fan service.

The best

The connections to The Clone Wars and the final detail that connects to the original trilogy.


The central plot still does not catch up, and it is missing.