Review of Star Wars: The Bad Consignment 1×06: Dismantled, now available on Disney Plus

Clone Force 99 has a new job to do in the sixth episode of Star Wars: The Bad Remittance, which is now available in the Disney Plus Spain catalog.

Like every Friday, comes our unavoidable appointment with the members of the Clone Force 99 on Star Wars: The Bad Consignment (Star Wars: The Bad Batch) the new star wars animation series created by Dave Filoni which is available in Disney Plus.

Today’s episode, June 4, is titled Dismantled, and finally it will recover some of the postwar theme that the series promised, alluding to the transition between the Republic and the Empire, although in a less direct way than in other episodes.

But we are getting ahead of ourselves, grab your gear and join us in our review of Star Wars: The Bad Remittance 1×06. As always, remember that we will not spoil the episode until we indicate it, but we will address aspects of previous episodes.


The main plot of the sixth episode of Star Wars: The Bad Shipment takes us headlong to one of the consequences of the conclusion of the Clone Wars. And, as in every war, the losing side has a fairly defined destiny.

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The first (actually second) commission from Cid the group strengthens the tacit agreement between the Trandoshan and our group of clones. A reminiscence of the war is of great interest to Cid, as it can bring her, and by extension Clone Force 99, a good sum of credits.

So the group will pack and set out to obtain the precious object that their employer is looking for. Yes, we continue with many parallels with The Mandalorian.


The group’s goal turns out to be too valuable, so much so that they are not the only ones behind achieving it. It is at this point where the series reconnects with The Clone Wars more directly, through the episode’s special appearance, though for some it’s not going to bring up too many fond memories.

Put on your helmet, because we are going to the front to tell you about all the types of stormtroopers that belong to the canon in Star Wars.

Throughout the episode, the germ for what we will undoubtedly find later on will be established at a certain point, something that in fact was already seen, very in passing, in Star Wars: The Bad Consignment 1×03.

ATTENTION: From this point on we will comment on spoilers for Star Wars: The Bad Remittance 1×06.


Broadly speaking, it might seem that the Star Wars Episode Six: The Bad Remittance It has not offered much, but we would be wrong, and not just for that little detail at the end with the two (for many infamous) sisters contacting what is clearly a Jedi (who?).

Undoubtedly the juice of the episode is in that headbutt of Wrecker when jumping, and how you react after it. We already saw a few episodes ago how he repeatedly put his hands to his head and said that he was not feeling well, which brings us to the famous control chip that they have in their brain and that seemed to be in conflict, this head butt could have “fixed” the operation of said chip, although we had no Jedi around to verify it.

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As for the sisters, well, they passed without pain or glory on the return of Ahsoka on the The Clone Wars season 7 And in this episode, at least it seems that they know how to do more than talk, but it is not that they do much more than compete for “cool” more than the protagonists (and they are no more cool). However, they will serve well as a connection to that mysterious Jedi.

Watch the Empire dismantle Separatist battle droids in Corellia It is a small, but interesting detail of how the postwar period is being, and of course our protagonists have been phenomenal. Oh and Omega She has learned to use the bow, or rather to have a filly that even she does not believe, in the blink of an eye. The ways of the Force are inscrutable.

We are sure that if you are here it is because you know many Star Wars curiosities, but we are going to review some of the most elusive for the general public and that only the most fans of the franchise handle.

Let’s see if we start to move forward, even slowly like this Star Wars: The Bad Consignment 1×06. What do you think will happen in the next episodes? Discuss any theory that occurs to you.


The sixth episode of Star Wars: The Bad Shipment brings the main plot forward at last, although not too much. It brings us new connections with The Clone Wars that not everyone will like and sets new mysteries to solve.

The best

Advance (slightly) in the central plot while bringing new connections to The Clone Wars.


Precisely, the connection with The Clone Wars is not going to please everyone.