June 29, 2021

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Review of Godzilla: Singular Point, the new Netflix anime series

Review of Godzilla Singular Point the new Netflix anime series

Review of Godzilla: Singular Point, the new Netflix anime series directed by Atsushi Takahashi and written by Toh Enjoe about the kaijus invasion. Premiere on June 25, 2021.

Netflix has added to its catalog a new essential anime for lovers of kaijus: Godzilla: Singular Point. It is made up of thirteen episodes that barely exceed twenty minutes in length and that cry out for a viewing in the form of a marathon, since practically each one of them ends in a cliffhanger.

“Third”, “Playful”, “Ferocious”, “Globetrotting”, “Theoretical”, “Emphatic”, “Omnipotent”, “Graft”, “Transformation”, “Coding”, “Reset”, “Exploration” and “Together “are the titles of the episodes of this first season, which leaves sown, in a post-credits scene, the threat that the protagonists will have to face in the second. Attention, because it appears at the end of the whole and it is easy not to notice that it is there … but it is very important!

After the successful passage of Godzilla vs. Kong by the box office of the cinemas, now it is the turn of animation and we have to tell you that with Godzilla: Singular Point We are facing a rather sensible series that never leaves the action aside with the constant appearance of kaijus, but that neither neglects the plot, introducing reflections on destiny, predetermination, memory or time. It is, as you may have already deduced, a completely independent story from the new cinematographic universe that has been forming and therefore has its own mythology.

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The plot starts with a radio signal that comes from the radio observatory of Misakioku, an ancient pre-war construction created by the mysterious Michijuki Ashihara.

Two company engineers Otaki Factory called Yun Y Haberu they move to investigate their origin while the entrepreneur May, a young student specialized in speculative science, is sent to decipher the possible meaning of this signal, which corresponds to a song of Indian origin. For this you will have the help of by the dos, an artificial intelligence that will dive through the data to guide it in the process of stopping an event known as the Catastrophe.

Additionally, the first kaijus begin to make an appearance: the Rodan, similar to pteranodons but larger and more aggressive, emerging from the sea surrounded by clouds of red dust. Yun and Haberu’s boss decides to use a remote-controlled robot he called against them. Jet Jaguar, who will perfect his skills as he has to fight with monstrous giant spiders, beings like Sharanga O Godzilla.

Godzilla: Singular Point It is not a series for children, or at least not for very young children. In general, even an adult can easily get lost at some point in the plot in which complex artifacts and concepts such as orthogonal diagonalizers, artificial intelligences capable of evolution, temporal paradoxes and a good sum of puzzling creatures end up converging.

But from the script there is an effort to get the ideas to the audience in a didactic way. The conversations between the two protagonists help a lot: Mei and Yun, since together they reason the answers to the many questions generated by the composition and properties of the red powder, the reason for being of the kaijus and the reason for their landing in the world.

The screenwriter Tô Enjo, who had already shown great sensitivity to Western literature in his previous work The Empire of Corpses, truffles the script of literary references, but also calls to Japanese folklore, something that also transpires in the design of the creatures whose appearance draws directly from paintings of Japanese tradition where myths explained great cataclysms. There is a very curious mix of both styles and techniques when creating the characters and kaijus (you will notice the changes in textures and the greater degree of precision and detail for the latter). And there is room for humor! , even!

Another of the assets that plays in favor of the series is its powerful soundtrack composed by Kan Sawada (closely linked to the saga Doraemon), with the main theme of Godzilla making an appearance with the greatest creatures that stand as a fantastic threat to civilization.

In short: we recommend immersing them in Godzilla: Singular Point with a clear mind, because you are going to need a certain degree of concentration to follow it and enjoy the feast. Around here we already want to see the second season after the outcome, which is somewhat hasty, but very satisfactory and has left us at the gates of events that will mark a before and after.


If you are a fan of kaijus, this series is an essential date with Godzilla and other gigantic and deadly creatures. He also knows how to play with many elements that enrich the story and is most enjoyable.

The best

All the artistic background: Japanese folklore, literary references and mathematical conflicts (although sometimes it is a bit gibberish).


How cumbersome the plot is. The action sometimes stumbles and there are very static shots. The resolution is satisfactory but very hasty.