Releases (December 8): 69 series, films and documentaries on Netflix, HBO Max, Amazon, Disney +, Movistar +, Filmin and Atresplayer

Well, I hope you are enjoying this bridge that is ending just in time to have a new weekend right away on the horizon.

Like every Wednesday we are going to give a good review of the premieres, so here we go with the 69 series, films and documentaries that premiere from today until Sunday in Netflix, of the movie, Amazon Prime Video, Movistar +, Disney+, HBO Max Y Atresplayer.

‘And Just Like That’

Two decades later (and a couple of movies in between) we see the protagonists of ‘Sex and the City’ again in a sequel that will tell us how these women are doing while navigating their fifties.

  • Premiere Thursday on HBO Max

‘How to get into a garden (Landscapers)’

Olivia Colman heads this black comedy that tells the true story of a nondescript marriage that comes to everyone’s attention when two corpses appear in her garden.

  • Premiere Wednesday on HBO Max


Sandra Bullock returns to star in a movie for Netflix after the phenomenon that was ‘Blind’. This time she plays a woman who gets out of jail after serving a sentence for a violent crime. When she returns home, she will see that things will not be easy for her, so she sets out on a path of redemption looking for her little sister.

  • Premiere Friday on Netflix

‘Saturday Morning All Star Hits’

A hodgepodge of animation and real image is what Netflix offers us with a series that pays tribute to those silly mornings of watching cartoons and other weekend shows.

  • Premiere Friday on Netflix

All premieres


  • Anonymous‘ (Friday)
  • ‘Aranyak’ (Friday)
  • Blue Lips‘ (Friday)
  • ‘Carolin Kebekus: The Last Christmas Special’ (miércoles)
  • ‘The Boy from Asakusa’ (Thursday)
  • ‘How to load Christmas: The funeral’ (Friday)
  • ‘Cradle of Fear’ (Friday)
  • ‘The Raven on the Pier’ (Friday)
  • ‘The Dead Bruge’ (viernes)
  • Of the‘ (Friday)
  • ‘The spy from Algiers’ (Friday)
  • ‘É o amor: Cantando con los Camargos’ (Thursday)
  • ‘In an even better time’ (Friday)
  • ‘The Enemies’ (viernes)
  • Between two women‘ (Friday)
  • The glutton and the furry‘ (Saturday)
  • ‘Unforgivable’ (Friday)
  • Inspectora Koo‘New episode (Saturday)
  • ‘Cleft lip’ (Friday)
  • We are going home!‘ (Friday)
  • ‘Saturday Morning All Star Hits’ (viernes)
  • ‘Seagulls die in the harbour’ (viernes)
  • ‘Shaman King’ New Episodes (Thursday)
  • ‘Tiger King: The Doc Antle Story’ (Friday)
  • Titans‘T3 (Wednesday)
  • ‘A dozen summers’ (Friday)
  • ‘Twenty-somethings in Austin’ New Episodes (Friday)
  • ‘The Yukon Assignment’ (viernes)


  • ‘And Just Like That’ (jueves)
  • ‘The house of challenges 2021’ (Friday)
  • ‘How to get into a garden (Landscapers)’ (Wednesday)

Movistar +

  • Alex Rider‘T2 (Saturday)
  • ‘The game of love’ (Saturday)
  • ‘The secrets. Since we don’t see each other ‘(Sunday)
  • Chaos Walking‘ (Friday)
  • Spiral: Saw‘ (Saturday)
  • ‘In unison’ (Sunday)


  • Alias‘T1-5 (Wednesday)
  • ‘Welcome to Earth’ (Wednesday)
  • ‘Paper cities’ (Friday)
  • The Finder‘ (Wednesday)
  • ‘Gomorra’ T1-4 (Wednesday)
  • Independence Day‘ (Friday)
  • ‘Little Einsteins’ T1-2 (miércoles)
  • ‘Miraculous World: New York, Heroes United’ (Friday)
  • The mist and the maiden‘ (Friday)
  • ‘Radiography of the Earth: cataclysms’ (Wednesday)
  • ‘Blood Rivals: The Lion vs. the Buffalo’ (Friday)

of the movie

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Atresplayer (Sunday)

Espinof recommends …

‘The Expanse’ Temporada 6

The good dose of science fiction returns with a difficult season in the sense of having to close the series in just a handful of episodes. But if you thought that the scriptwriters were going to start running, nothing could be further from the truth. With a firm and sure step, ‘The Expanse’ is marking an end to the height of the expected.

  • Recommended by Albertini | Friday on Amazon Prime Video

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Releases (December 8): 69 series, films and documentaries on Netflix, HBO Max, Amazon, Disney +, Movistar +, Filmin and Atresplayer