Releases (December 22): 54 series, films and documentaries on Netflix, Disney +, HBO Max, Amazon, Movistar + and Filmin

We may not have won the lottery, but here we are one more Wednesday with the timely weekly review of the news that will accompany us until Christmas. A) Yes, These are the 54 series, films and documentaries that arrive from today until Sunday a Netflix, of the movie, Amazon Prime Video, Movistar +, Disney+ Y HBO Max.

‘Those wonderful years’

Dulé Hill stars in the new version, from an African-American perspective, of one of the TV classics. Here we follow the story of a family living in Montgomery, Alabama, during the 1960s. The series is told from the point of view of the imaginative 12-year-old Dean.

  • Premiere Wednesday on Disney +


With Colombian vibes comes the latest Disney classic with the story of a family in which everyone has magic except Mirabel. When something endangers her entire home, the girl will discover that she has the key to save him.

  • Premiere Friday on Disney + | Review

‘Sea of ​​Tranquility’

In the new wave of Korean fiction comes this science fiction proposal that follows a scientific expedition that goes to the Moon in search of a mysterious sample. However, upon arrival they discover that there was an accident at the station that killed everyone.

  • Premiere Friday on Netflix

‘Don’t look up’

Adam McKay directs this film around some scientists who are trying to warn the world that an asteroid is heading for Earth with a good chance of impact. They will be desperate when they find that nobody listens to them.

  • Premiere on Friday on Netflix | Review

All premieres


  • 1000 km from Christmas‘ (Friday)
  • Bikes vs Cars‘ (Thursday)
  • ‘The girl in the yellow sweatshirt’ (Sunday)
  • ‘The infinite cycle’ (Friday)
  • Emily in Paris‘T2 (Wednesday)
  • ‘World War II in Color: The Road to Victory’ (Wednesday)
  • ‘Stories of a generation with Pope Francis’ (Saturday)
  • ‘Jimmy Carr: His Dark Material’ (sábado)
  • Lulli‘ (Sunday)
  • Mother there are only two‘T2 (Friday)
  • ‘Sea of ​​tranquility’ (Friday)
  • ‘Never Die Young’ (jueves)
  • Don’t look up‘ (Friday)
  • Lightning Murali‘ (Friday)
  • ‘The King (Elvis Presley)’ (Wednesday)
  • Stand By Me Doraemon‘ (Friday)
  • ‘Stand By Me Doraemon 2’ (viernes)
  • ‘Vilsen’ (Thursday)

Movistar +


of the movie


  • Antebellum‘(Thursday on Prime Video)
  • ‘Queer you Are’ (domingo en HBO Max)
  • ‘Yearly Departed’ S2 (Friday on Prime Video)

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Releases (December 22): 54 series, films and documentaries on Netflix, Disney +, HBO Max, Amazon, Movistar + and Filmin