“Rebelde”: the characters of the original version that are in the remake

The first season of “”Will feature eight episodes that will premiere on Netflix on January 5, 2022 and explore themes such as love, sexuality and music, through a new generation of Elite Way School (EWS) students.

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The protagonists of the continuation of the 2004 telenovela are Luka Colucci (Franco Masini), Jana Cohen (Azul Guaita), Esteban (Sergio Mayer Mori), Andi (Lizeth Selene), Dixón (Jerónimo Cantillo), MJ (Andrea Chaparro), Sebastián Langarica (Alejandro Puente) and Emilia (Gigi Grigio).

”Also features special performances by Leonardo de Lozanne, Karla Sofia Gascón, Pamela Almanza and Dominika Paleta. In addition, it will feature two actresses from the Mexican youth soap opera produced by Pedro Damián.

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In the original version of “”Celina Ferrer Miter was one of the best friends of Mía Colucci (Anahí). Due to her weight, she was a victim of bullying and at first she was in love with Miguel (Alfonso Herrera).

In the new series of Netflix, Celina () will return to the classrooms of the Elite Way School, but as the director of the institution. Unlike her predecessor, Gandía, she promotes art with a specialized music program.

Estefanía Villarreal as Celina Ferrer Miter in “Rebelde” (Photo: Netflix)


Pilar Gandía, the daughter of the director of the Elite Way School in the Mexican version of the telenovela, was interpreted by , who will now return to “”To play the mother of Jana Cohen Gandía.

Pilar and Jana do not have a good relationship, because Pilar is very demanding with her daughter, who has a great talent for singing.

Karla Cossio will play the mother of Jana Cohen Gandía in "Rebel" (Photo: Karla Cossio / Instagram)
Karla Cossio will play Jana Cohen Gandía’s mother in “Rebelde” (Photo: Karla Cossio / Instagram)

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“Rebelde”: the characters of the original version that are in the remake