Reason for the cancellation of Batwoman and Legends of Tomorrow

The CW has decided to cancel the series Batwoman and Legends of Tomorrow. Now they have revealed the official reasons.

Since the beginning of arrowverse in The CW, more and more series were added. But little by little they have been ending or canceling many. Now it will be the turn of bat-woman which will have a total of 3 and Legends of Tomorrow which will conclude in the seventh.

As reported THRthe president of The CW, Mark Pedowitzwanted to renew both programs, but Warner Bros Discovery removed the series because “they no longer wanted to pay the leases on the studio space, which expired on May 1”.

You have to remember that Warner Bros Discovery, was merged for about 43,000 million, so the company wants to cut certain expenses. This also includes the programming of cable channels such as TNT Y TBS. Also, that’s why the movie of the DC Comics characters Wonder Twins for hbo max he also stopped production when he already had the actors selected.

They will leave the story halfway.

season 3 of bat-woman and 7 of Legends of Tomorrow they ended up not knowing if they would cancel the series or not. That’s why it has somewhat ambiguous endings.

Since the end of Legends of Tomorrow ended with the arrest of the team in the midst of the arrival of Booster Gold (Donald Faison)while the final moments of season 3 of bat-woman they provoked the appearance of a grotesque villain comparable to Monster Men, Solomon Grundy or Doctor Dreath.

“The suspense is not the fault of The CW. It’s mine”. He wrote the Legends showrunner, Keto Shimizuon Twitter shortly after news of the cancellation broke. «I played chicken with the truck and lost. Hopefully, the story can continue in another way. TV movie? Comic book? Radio play?

In addition, The CW decided to eliminate the series from DC Naomias well as In the Dark, Dynasty, Charmed, Legacies and Roswell, New Mexico.

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Reason for the cancellation of Batwoman and Legends of Tomorrow