Raúl de Molina and the best kept advice he shared with Clarissa Molina at the beginning of ‘El Gordo y la Flaca’ – La Vibra

Clarissa Molina and Raul de Molina, They have shown on more than one occasion that they have a very particular relationship with colleagues, full of humor, trust and a lot of mutual respect. However, through a life, the Dominican made it clear that it is not a thing of the last days, but that since she set foot in the recording studio, she received the presenter’s good vibes.

In a video posted on the ‘Caribbean Films’ YouTube channel, they conducted a dynamic of 15 questions with the former Our Latin Beauty, and one of the questions was to reveal what had been the best advice he has received.

Without any hesitation and without having to think about it much, Clarissa remembered that it was ‘El Gordo’ who told her some words that marked her from her beginnings in the medium of television: “The best advice I’ve ever been given is to always be myself. Raúl de Molina gave it to me when I started in the show, he told me: be yourself, that’s what will make people fall in love. And so far that’s what has worked for me.”He said.

Clarissa Molina At her young age, she has shown that her discipline and dedication to her career have led her to occupy today the place she occupies in one of the most famous programs on Hispanic television and where great figures of animation have passed.

Over time, the relationship between Clarissa and Raúl became more than work. The great friendship that exists between them is so deep-rooted that “El Gordo” considers her “her eldest daughter” and has let it be known on more than one occasion, where they have shown that their relationship is like that of father to daughter. .

The Dominican presenter has expressed that Raúl is a great human being “with a giant heart”, “My dear Rauly! You really are special, you know that I adore you with all my soul, thank you for being so nice to me during all this time”the driver commented on Instagram on one of the driver’s birthdays, as collected Univision.

Without a doubt, the presenter of ‘The fat and the skinny’, He has become one of Clarissa’s mentors throughout her career, as the presenter expressed it when she thanked the program for being her home, after winning an award in her country, the Dominican Republic. Also, some time ago, she remembered on the show that when she was little and saw Raúl on television, she thought that she was from her family because she had the same last name. And now that they work together, their friendship has made them consider themselves one of those families that gives you life.

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Raúl de Molina and the best kept advice he shared with Clarissa Molina at the beginning of ‘El Gordo y la Flaca’ – La Vibra