Rating: not even football could with Big Brother, although it did hit Guido Kaczka and Marcelo Tinelli

When there are soccer matches –of big teams– broadcast by cable signals, generally open TV programs suffer from competition. But there is always an exception and in this case it is called Big Brother: Telefe’s reality show was not affected by the meeting in which Boca Juniors lost to Patronato on penalties and was broadcast by TyC Sports. Yesterday, at the nominations gala, he averaged 17.9 points, the same number as there was done last tuesday.

Thanks to Big Brother, the channel with the colored balls managed to heat up its screen and the igneous effect is felt: almost all of its programming is performing better than a few days ago. He improved his mornings and his first afternoon, while the evening novels continue to give him many joys. to the Barbarossa yesterday it measured 5.6 points while its direct competitor, us in the morning (eltrece), scored 3.3 points. While Ariel in her sauce –a program that debuted with a very good star on the signal– averaged 8.1 points. Later, The people’s news got 9.7 points and Cut for Lozano, 7.8 points.

Perhaps Telefe’s only headache is having opted for the Brazilian blockbuster Genesis, that already shortly after its premiere showed that it did not generate fury in the Argentine public as other biblical stories did.

If football did not impact Telefe, it did in eltrece, because so much Guido Kaczka with The 8 steps of the 2 million, What Marcelo Tinelli with sing with me now their numbers dropped. In the first case, the entertainment program measured 7.4 points while the talent show dropped to 5.6 points, a figure well below its weekly average. And with these results, neither of the two programs entered the top five of the most watched cycles, which again were all from the competition.

And with this panorama, the mornings and afternoons of eltrece also deal with a challenge. Adrián Pallares and Rodrigo Lussich with their show partners they achieved 4.5 points; the first edition of The 8 steps… reached 5.6 points and Welcome aboard, 4.3. Meanwhile, the program 100 Argentines say, with Darío Barassi, he scored 5.9 points, overcoming the floor that left him D-moment, which yesterday averaged 4.1. All numbers that are widely surpassed by the competition.

In the news category, Telefe News He comes calmly in first place: last night he scored 10, 4 points while Telenoche it barely reached 5.9. and direct competition from The people’s news (Telephone), noon news, made 6.1 points.

In America, it was again THE M the most viewed of the signal, which achieved 3.9 points. left behind in the afternoon with 3.8 rating points and intruders with 3.2 points. For the second day this week, Ángel de Brito’s cycle beat Blessed, his direct rival. Beto Casella’s program, in the nine, obtained 3.4 points and was also affected by Boca’s game because he usually scores one more point. It was not even the most attractive thing about this signal, since the best number got it Telenine at noon, with 3.5 points.

Meanwhile, on Public TV, once again he did not have a program that reached the digit. The cycle that did the best on the state grid was that of Robertito Funes Ugarte, Who knows more about Argentina, which achieved 0.7 rating points. On Net TV, soap operas were once again the most attractive part of the programming: Empire Y The Lord of the heavens they got 0.7 points. And on Bravo TV, several fictions were around 0.2 points.

1. Big Brother (Telefe) 17.9 rating points

two. Telefe News (Telefe) 10.4 rating points

3. Zuleyha (Telefe) 10.3 rating points

Four. The people’s news (Telefe) 9.7 rating points

5. Family love (Telefe) 9.3 rating points

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Rating: not even football could with Big Brother, although it did hit Guido Kaczka and Marcelo Tinelli