Rafael Amaya gives preview of the ninth season of The Lord of the Skies

rafael amaya He is still very active on social networks, as the actor recently surprised with his physical change, as he is more focused than ever on his transformation, however, the actor is also very excited about the new season of The Lord of the heavens.

And it is that, after his triumphant return, as was to be expected, the public requested a ninth season, which is why the actor gives a little taste of how everything is going with the recording of this next edition of the famous series where gives life to “Aurelio Casillas”.

Rafael Amaya shows a preview of ESDLC 9

It was through his social networks where the actor from 46 years old shared a short video in which you can see what appears to be a recording set for the ninth season of “The Lord of the heavens”.

And it is that, R.afael Amaya, shows a room where there are a couple of luxury armchairs, next a bed and behind this the pool area with cushions around it.

In the background you can see several windmills and a huge screen that simulates the sky because you can see a couple of planes go by; in this post, R.Afael Amaya only assures that it is “The House of Heaven”, this after accompanying it with the Hashtag #esdlc9 #arre, which then gives us to understand that it is part of the locations of the ninth edition of The Lord of the heavens.

When does “The Lord of the Skies 9” premiere?

It seems that “Aurelio Casillas” He still has a lot to live and to tell the Casillas Dynastyso a ninth season of “The Lord of the heavens” As we mentioned before, it is already confirmed.

even the same Rafael Amaya, actor who has given life to “Aurelio Casillas” for 10 years, He confirmed it a few weeks ago on his social networks with a peculiar publication in which he revealed the date on which this new season will be available to all his fans.

Without saying much, in his post, Amaya wrote the HashTags: #IX #esdlc9 #elsenordeloscielos #arre #rafaelamaya #esdlc9 #rafaelamaya #aureliocasillas #elsenordeloscielos #carnales #casillas #teamcasilas9

In the photograph se can see the 9 in roman numeral over the year 2024, so it is expected that next year will be the premiere of new feats of “The Lord of the heavens” and his other characters.

Thus announced the ninth season
Photo: IG @rafaelamayanunez

Who will participate in “The Lord of Heaven 9”?

Until the writing of this note, it has not been revealed which characters will continue in the ninth edition of “The Lord of the heavens”, however, history fans have been asking for the return of “Monica Robles” and “Chacorta”played by the actors Fernanda Castillo and Raul Mendez.

It should be noted that “The Lord of Heaven 8” has finished airing USAHowever, in Mexico it is still on the air so you still have the opportunity to find out what happened with the return of Aurelio Casillas, meet the new characters and find out who may or may not be part of the ninth season of this successful series.

To be able to see “The Lord of Heaven 8“You only have to have a pay television system and search for the Telemundo channel, but if you don’t have this service, don’t worry, because on the official YouTube channel of this television station they also share a summary of the episodes.

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Rafael Amaya gives preview of the ninth season of The Lord of the Skies