Rafa Soriano: Did you already want to leave EXATLON USA?

Rafael Soriano


Rafael Soriano is once again part of Team Contendientes.

At this point in the fifth season of the competition show, Exatlon United States, both strategy and sports skills weigh, since it is the combination of both that could lead athletes to achieve ultimate glory and be crowned winners. Or in the case of Rafa Soriano, place them in the duel for permanence and thus end their dream within the impact sports duel.

The departure of Rafa Soriano

Since it was known that Rafa Soriano would return in search of definitive glory to the fifth season of Exatlon United States, it was already known that he would be one of the athletes to beat. Nicknamed “El Brujo” due to the magic that happens every time a circuit passes, Rafa started off on the right foot, although on the night of May 23, his fate was sealed in the fight for permanence against Horacio Gutierrez Jr.

Last Sunday of elimination, both teams faced each other in the container circuit, one of the most risky because it is at night, and after such a complex week for the Blues, where their score was very limited, we could already have a idea of ​​who would go to elimination and ultimately, Horacio Gutierrez Jr. who joined the competition as Cesar Castro’s replacement on April 11 and had been sentenced on Friday, May 21, defeated Rafa Soriano in the final duel. The story of the “Brujo”, came to an end again.

Did the witch already want to leave EXATLON USA?

For several weeks, the different fan portals of the competition would have noticed an alleged drop in the performance of Rafa Soriano. “El Brujo” was no longer the same, the score in the percentage table already told a different story from the one Soriano had us used to, weakened, sad, and according to social networks, “wanting to get out of the competition ”. Do not miss this video with more information about it:

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So much so would have been his desire to leave Exatlon United States, that in his speech after being eliminated, Rafa dedicated his last pass to his “reason and motivation”, the also former athlete of the competition Raquel Becker, thus confirming the rumors of a relationship between the two, which now out of the competition will be able to meet again and continue the relationship that began in the arenas of television competition.

But the followers of these different portals have a theory that makes much more sense, this follower commented:

“I don’t think they got lost. None of those athletes are there to let themselves be lost … I would say that everything is a matter of luck, of which day they are given the shot. We have to understand that we watch a competition one day at a time. And those athletes start recording early in the morning and 3 and 4 circuits are recorded in a day, under the sun with extreme temperatures, under rain and if you add only breakfast to this, the rest is fruits and continue recording. easy..it is physical, mental and emotional exhaustion..Sometimes it is sad to read such derogatory comments towards them, they are human beings not animals and much less point scoring machines..the least that fans of both teams should have towards them is empathy..”

Anyway, Rafa Soriano has already returned to life outside of Exatlon in the United States with a new illusion, his relationship with Raquel Becker.

Keep going, champion!