Putin suddenly disappears in the middle of a speech on television- Uno TV

the president of Russia, Vladimir PutinHe disappeared suddenly this friday of the screen in full speech what was he offering for television during a big concert in moscow to celebrate the annexation of Ukrainian Crimea in 2014.

When Vladimir Putin He spoke about the fact that since the beginning of the operation it had coincidentally coincided with the birthday of one of his outstanding soldiers, 15 minutes later, the chain resumed broadcasting the president’s intervention on a deferred basis. The kremlin stated that the incident was due to a technical error.

Putin was praising the heroism of the Russian soldiers deployed in Ukrainebefore tens of thousands of people in the stadium Luzhnikiwhen suddenly the television network Russian public Rossiya-24 it began to show other moments of the same event, with official speeches and popular songs.

The images suddenly showed the singer Oleg Gazmanovone of the main artists of Vladimir Putinsinging: Come on Russia! Come on Russia! Come on Russia!

Oleg Gazmanov has been to the rallies of the Russian leader and this Friday he was in the Luzhniki Stadium performing the song “Made in the USSR”.

In this regard, the Kremlin spokesman, Dmitry Peskovpointed at russian agencies that the transmission had been interrupted “due to a technical failure in a server”.

This Friday, Vladimir Putin accused Ukraine to “delay” the negotiations to end the conflict and said that their leaders have requests that are not “realistic”, in a conversation he had with the chancellor of germany, Olaf Scholz.

“The kyiv regime seeks by all means to delay the negotiation process, putting forward proposals that are unrealistic,” the Kremlin said in a statement summarizing the conversation between the two. Vladimir Putin and Olaf Scholz.

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Putin suddenly disappears in the middle of a speech on television- Uno TV