Premieres (March 2): 72 series, movies and documentaries on Netflix, HBO Max, Amazon, Disney +, Movistar Plus +, Filmin, Apple TV + and Starzplay

Ash Wednesday and Lent is less Lent with movie and TV premieres. Like every week, it’s time to review the 73 series, movies and documentaries that arrive from today until Sunday on Netflix, HBO Max, Filmin, Prime Video, Movistar Plus +, Disney +, Starzplay and Apple TV +.

A weekend that we have interesting news such as the animated spin-off of ‘The Boys’the arrival of Steven Spielberg’s last show or the new adventures of the captain Jean-Luc Picard.

‘The Boys Presents: Diabolical’

Animated anthology that explores the universe of the always thug and violentTheBoys‘. Uncensored and supervised by Eric Kripke, each episode will have its own animation style.

  • Premiere Friday on Prime Video

‘So so’

Series starring a genderfluid millennial who, when about to leave for Berlin to start from scratch, will be forced to stay behind to take care of the family.

  • Premiere on Wednesday in Movistar Plus +

‘Our flag means death’

From the mind of Taika Waititi comes his new comedy. This time we have a pirate starring Rhys Darby as Stede Bonnet, a wealthy aristocrat who decides to go on an adventure through the dangerous seven seas.

‘Do you know who it is?’

Toni Collette heads up the new Netflix miniseries. A thriller starring a young woman in her thirties who embarks on a journey across the United States to explore the most secret and darkest side of her family.

  • Premiere Friday on Netflix

‘Shining Vale’

Dramedy that satirises the haunted house subgenre. Courteney Cox stars in this series as a writer’s block who moves with her family into a run-down mansion. She there she will run into a ghost who will become her muse.

  • Premiere Sunday on Starzplay

‘Super Pumped: The Battle for Uber’

After being delayed a few days, this anthology arrives that will be dedicated to delving into the ins and outs of some of the most powerful startups of the century. On this occasion, Joseph Gordon-Levitt stars in the story of ambition and greed that moved Uber and placed it as the great mobility alternative.

  • Premiere on Thursday on Movistar Plus +

‘The Turist’

Jamie Dornan stars in this series that promises a lot of action with the story of a British man who finds himself chased in the great Australian desert by a huge truck. After waking up in the hospital and with no memory of who he is, the man sets off in search of answers.

  • Premiere Thursday on HBO Max

all premieres


  • ‘American Girl’ (Thursday)
  • ‘Chain of Events’ (Saturday)
  • ‘Pink String and Sealing Wax’ (Saturday)
  • ‘Weekend in Croatia’ (Friday)
  • ‘The Flying Scotsman’ (Saturday)
  • ‘Folly to be Wise’ (Saturday)
  • Geordie (Saturday)
  • He-Man and the Masters of the Universe‘ T2 (Thursday)
  • ‘The imperceptible thread’ (Thursday)
  • ‘The unhappy one’ (Friday)
  • ‘Concerns’ (Saturday)
  • ‘Keep your Seats, Please’ (Saturday)
  • ‘Lady with a Lamp’ (Saturday)
  • ‘Love, Life & Laughter’ (Saturday)
  • ‘Magic Box’ (Saturday)
  • ‘Man in the Sky’ (Saturday)
  • ‘More wood!’ (Friday)
  • ‘Maytime in Mayfair’ (Saturday)
  • Midnight at the Pera Palace‘ (Friday)
  • Lies‘ (Friday)
  • ‘London Docks’ (Saturday)
  • ‘Family business. Luxury homes’ (Thursday)
  • ‘Nine Men’ (Saturday)
  • ‘Nowhere to Go’ (Saturday)
  • ‘The paradise that survives. A family legacy’ (Thursday)
  • lost in the arctic‘ (Friday)
  • ‘Pirates. The last treasure of the crown’ (Wednesday)
  • Wild rythm‘ (Wednesday)
  • ‘Do you know who it is?’ (Friday)
  • ‘The volunteers’ (Saturday)
  • ‘Whindersson Nunes: É de Mim Mesmo’ (Thursday)


  • ‘Joe Bell’ (Sunday)
  • ‘Sort of’ (Wednesday)
  • ‘Rita Moreno: a girl who decided to go for it all’ (Thursday)
  • ‘Super Pumped: The Battle for Uber’ (Thursday)
  • ‘The Windsors: the princes and the press’ (Wednesday)
  • Peter Rabbit 2: On the Run‘ (Friday)

hbo max

  • Better Things‘ S5 (Wednesday)
  • ‘Folklore’ S2 (Friday)
  • ‘Gaming Wall Street’ (Thursday)
  • ‘Our flag means death’ (Thursday)
  • ‘The tourist’ (Thursday)



Prime Video (every Friday)


  • ‘Letter to…’ S2 (Friday on Apple TV+)
  • ‘Shinging Vale’ (Sunday on Starzplay)

Espinof recommends…

‘Mrs. America’

Cate Blanchett, Rose Byrne, Uzo Aduba, Tracey Ullman, Sarah Paulson… an absolutely brilliant cast stars in a sophisticated and vibrant miniseries that delves into the generation of feminists of the sixties. A portrait of the struggle of that time with better performances than script.

  • Liked by Albertini | Premiere Wednesday on Disney + | Review

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Premieres (March 2): 72 series, movies and documentaries on Netflix, HBO Max, Amazon, Disney +, Movistar Plus +, Filmin, Apple TV + and Starzplay