Premieres HBO Max: Movies and series from April 18 to 24

‘The Batman’, the second season of ‘The Flight Attendant’ and ‘Tenet’ are incorporated into the catalog of the ‘streaming’ platform.

The week of April 18 to 24, hbo max premieres one of the 2022 movies. batman, the new version of the Dark Knight, arrives on the streaming platform just 45 days after it hit theaters. Starring Robert Pattinson, you will be able to re-enjoy -or see for the first time- the story of the Bat Man directed by Matt Reeves from the comfort of your home.

HBO Max also incorporates into its catalog another of the titles that Pattinson has starred in in recent years. TenetChristopher Nolan’s film with John David Washington hits the streaming platform this week.

As for the series section, HBO Max premieres the new installment of one of the most anticipated fictions: the second season of The Flight Attendantstarring Kaley Cuoco.

then query all the movies and series that premiere on HBO Max this week:



BruceWayne He has been fighting crime for two years. Gotham under the identity of Batman when a mysterious man known as Enigma he begins to assassinate important political figures in the city. The Bat Man, along with the help of the commissioner James Gordon Y selina kyle/cat woman, will try to stop Enigma while discovering important secrets from his past. The DC vigilante will also have to face powerful men like carmine falcon and other villains like Oz/Penguin.

Matt Reeves directs batmanstarring Robert Pattinson in the role of the Bat Man. Zoë Kravitz, Jeffrey Wright, Andy Serkis, Colin Farrell, John Turturro and Paul Dano round out the main cast.

Premiere: April 18th.


A spy decides to die instead of ratting out his companions. After passing this test, he is chosen for a difficult mission. He only has one word: TENET. From her and thanks to the help of a series of allies, the protagonist of this story will have to stop a villain who could start the Third World War. Directed by Christopher Nolan, Tenet is starring John David Washington, Robert PattinsonElizabeth Debicki and Kenneth Branagh.

Premiere: April 23rd.


The Flight Attendant

season 2 of The Flight Attendant comes to HBO Max. After what happened in the first installment, Cassie Bowden He is at his personal best. She has given up drinking, lives in Los Angeles and works as an agent for the INC in his free time. One day she is sent abroad to carry out a mission, but when she becomes a witness to a murder, she finds herself again involved in another international intrigue. Kaley CuocoSharon Stone and Callie Hernandez lead the main cast of the second season of the fiction created by Steve Yockey.

Premiere: April 22.

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Premieres HBO Max: Movies and series from April 18 to 24