Practical tips for making your own home theater

There are many TV options to choose from (Photo: Christin Klose / dpa)

To have a home theater experience it is necessary to invest some money and review the different options that are available to select the one that best suits value for money.

Undoubtedly something that is extremely important to ensure that your living room is alive “The magic of cinema” with all the comforts and quality they deserve is necessary invest in two aspects: image and sound.


If the place where you plan to establish your small theater is a small room, sound bar can be a good option since these have affordable prices, take up little space and are easy to install, however, you must consider that this will not be equated with having different speakers distributed around the place.

“Mid-range sound bars already sound much better than TV converters. An additional wireless subwoofer is a good solution to create a cinema feel. in a way that is compatible with a living room ”, advises the German Roland Stehle, from the gfu association. However, the perfect cinema feeling is only achieved with a full surround sound system.

Anyone can make their home theater (Photo: Pixabay)
Anyone can make their home theater (Photo: Pixabay)

After that, if you think that the best option for your home is a team of multichannel audio, you will have to pay attention to some aspects such as the acoustic characteristics of the speakers, that its minimum configuration is 5.1, indicating that it has five satellite speakers and a subwoofer.

When checking in stores you will find other options such as 5.1.2 which includes the characteristics of 5.1 plus two speakers on the ceiling; the 5.1.4, 7.1 has speakers and a subwoofer; 7.1.2 indicates that it has seven speakers, a subwoofer, and two ceiling speakers; The 9.1, 9.1.2, 9.1.4 are speaker options in various sizes and at more affordable prices.


Roland Seibt, affirms that whoever wants Reproducing the home theater experience should not save on the size of the TV. “Taking into account the distance to which you have to sit and how it should be seen, you have to choose the largest possible television,” he explains.

Whether it’s streaming or blu-ray movies: movies in ultra-HD, UHD, or 4K are so high-definition that viewers can sit clearly closer to the television than at full-HD resolution. As long as the TV allows viewing in 4K.

Scheme of how 4K resolution works (Photo: Archive)
Scheme of how 4K resolution works (Photo: Archive)

Not less than 4K

“4K or ultra HD screens are already standard and it should not be downgraded”, advises Herbert Bisges, from the specialized portal “” from Germany. This makes the TV have a horizontal screen resolution of 3,480 pixels.

The word HDR on the TV just means that the TV can process the signals. The differences are then manifested in the representation of colors, brightness and black tones. “Depending on the device, the maximum brightness can be between 300 and 5000 cd / m2. The black tones are not opaque on the lower quality devices and the color contrasts are weaker, ”continues Seibt.

OLED technology

Instead, the question of proper display technology can be answered more clearly. “OLEDs offer the best image today they are the sharpest, with the best contrast values ​​and the best black levels, ”says Herbert Bisges.

The televisions with LCD panels they reach slightly higher brightness values, but in the final result the image does not come close to the quality of OLEDs.

Once you have considered the above aspects in terms of sound and image quality, you can go to stores to select the equipment that suits you best.

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Practical tips for making your own home theater