Pluto TV inaugurates five new free channels, one of them with nine full seasons of ‘Doctor Who’

Starting in September, Pluto TV opens five new channels with its usual linear nature: as always, They will be aimed at different types of audiences, and their grids will range from monographic programs to thematic ones. They will be ‘Love Nature’ (with nature documentaries), ‘The Dog Whisperer’ (with programs from the well-known dog breeding program by César Millán), ‘Top Gear’ (with broadcasts from the famous BBC motor show) and ‘BBC Drama’ (with British channel series such as ‘The Musketeers’, ‘Pride and Prejudice’, ‘Jane Eyre’, the remake of ‘Up and Down’ or the recent ‘Paradise Galleries’).

The fifth channel is undoubtedly the most interesting: ‘Doctor Who’, where they will be broadcast uninterruptedly from September 15 episodes belonging to the first nine seasons of the modern incarnation of the BBC time and space traveler. La Tardis is once again open to host a legendary series with a worldwide following.

‘Doctor Who’ in Spain: an irregular broadcast

Although the classic incarnations of ‘Doctor Who’ (eight doctors – not seasons – between 1963 and 1996) were seen occasionally on regional televisions in the late eighties, especially the fourth incarnation of the character, ‘Doctor Who’ has not had much luck or regularity in Spain. From the ninth doctor, Christopher Eccleston, it has also continued to be seen very occasionally in the autonomous communities, but never in a way as systematic as the series deserves.

Not even the platforms streaming, which in other countries have the full 12 seasons of modern ‘Doctor Who’, they end up being clarified here. AND although platforms such as Netflix or Amazon Prime Video have covered groups of Doctor Who seasons (always from its modern incarnation, since 2005, yes), it has been lacking time and again some regularity.

And although the channel that opens Pluto TV is not perfect either, since with nine seasons one of Peter Capaldi and two of Jodie Whittaker will be missing, it is still a good way to binge on one of the essential British sci-fi series. A true myth of pop culture and time travel at your fingertips, and for free.