July 3, 2021

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‘Physical’ is the most hooligan series on Apple TV +, and that’s good for its catalog

1625346520 Physical is the most hooligan series on Apple TV

Physical‘caught my attention from the first teaser trailer that Apple released a few weeks ago. Series that tell how a person leaves his comfort zone to dare with new things are not usually mine, but the quality of the catalog and the eighties atmosphere encouraged me to see its first chapters.

In them you think you are going to see a story of overcoming, a person who explodes his bubble of everyday life and breaks his own molds. But no you can’t be more wrong. Physical is the most hooligan, irreverent and foul-mouthed series of all Apple TV +.

If you expect a positive series on self-improvement, run away

You can begin to perceive it in the warnings that appear at the beginning of some chapters (in addition to the warning of being a series for adults): eating disorders, sensitive images … in this series you see a person who has fallen victim to the worse habits, losing the will to live and hating everything around him.

You hear the voice-over of the protagonist’s conscience almost at all times, continually crushing and punishing herself. ‘Physical’ does not cut a hair when he has to show some disorders consequence of this type of attitudes.

We are facing a series, therefore, that is not suitable for delicate minds. Show the rawness of what can be real when your life and mind get too derailed, in detail, in 4K and HDR. Rose Byrne fits well with the portrayal of such a leading lady, although the rest of the cast and plot are flatter. In fact I almost appreciate that the chapters last just half an hour, because this style could be too heavy if it were divided into chapters of 40 or 50 minutes.

I would recommend ‘Physical’ for all those people who are nostalgic for music and the eighties atmosphere, who have no problems seeing scenes that could hurt sensibilities and who are prepared for camberro attitudes that go out of the mold. It is not a series that will stand out from the catalog, but it has its way of being that will convince some. You can read criticism that our colleagues from Espinof have made of it.