Perfect score for Michael Stuart for imitating Celia Cruz in “Your face sounds to me”

As the weeks have passed, if there is an artist who has surprised everyone during the second season of “Your face is familiar to me”which is transmitted by TeleOncehas been the Puerto Rican salsero michael stuart, who did it once again at last night’s gala. On this occasion, the artist stole the show by appearing on stage imitating the legendary Cuban salsera Celia Cruz.

The panel of judges, made up of Charytin Goyco, Victor Manuelle, Angelica Vale Y Eden Munoz, gave the Puerto Rican a perfect score, the first time it happens in the program, whose final is next Sunday. Not only that, but once the Puerto Rican concluded his memorable participation, the rest of the competitors ran to hug him, including Muñoz, who dedicated a few words to praise his work. “This is the best personification of Celia that I have seen in my life and the one that most resembles reality. The ‘sugar’ is 99.99% real”pointed out the Mexican who did not stop smiling.

Similarly, the salsero Victor Manuelle had words of praise for his colleague. “Whoever didn’t know who Michael Stuart was is finding out. You’re very talented. The respect that you implanted in him, the personification of one of the glories, if not the most important female glory that our gender has given in the entire world, was tremendous and, truly, Michael never ceases to amaze me,” said the Puerto Rican.

In the global table of scores, Michael, who in previous galas has imitated pitbull, Mark AnthonyY daddy yankeeamong others, the first place is debated with the Dominican Manny Cruz.

In addition to Stuart having been the highest rated in the show’s history, it is the first time that a participant receives the total of the points as part of the vote of his fellow competitors.

The final of “Your face sounds to me” will be broadcast next Sunday at 8:00 pm on TeleOnce (in the United States it is seen through Univision).

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Perfect score for Michael Stuart for imitating Celia Cruz in “Your face sounds to me”