“Peacemaker”: Our opinion on the first episode of the new HBO Max series

An incorrect criticism of incorrectness. This is our first impression about “Peacemaker”, the new series of DC Comics Y HBO Max, which premiered its first three chapters on Thursday the 13th. Here’s our review of the first.

“A completely new twist” is the title of this episode that, over 46 minutes, introduces us to the characters of the series and their reason for being within it. This chapter is just that: an introduction. There is not as much action as the latest trailer promises, but there are very funny dialogues, which allow us to know who is who.

To boot, we see the star of the show, Peacemaker, played by John Cena in a role that fits him like a glove or a helmet on his head, being discharged after the incidents of “Suicide Squad”.

Before continuing, we must pause briefly to explain what the heck happened in “Suicide Squad.” Peacemaker He was selected by the director of operations Amanda Waller to form, along with other misfits, a team that must fulfill a secret mission. Seeing his teammates rebel against Waller’s orders, Peacemaker was “forced” to attack them. For that reason, one of them, Bloodsport, left him in a coma.

a patriotic satire

Or well Peacemaker is discharged, we are faced with what it symbolizes: a satire of the American white man; not of all obviously, but of the one who calls himself a patriot and believes he represents the values ​​of the country better than anyone else. In his dialogue with Jamil, the cleaning worker at the hospital, he blurts out fake news about Aquaman, who he says has relationships with fish. And, in return, he is accused of being racist for being more attentive to the acts of minorities.

Fake news and contempt for minorities were the order of the day during the four years that the “Trump era” lasted, from people who, like Peacemaker, are obsessed with the colors of the flag and other symbols, such as the eagle, and believe they have a greater right to live on that land.

Later, we will see him behave in a sexist manner with any woman who is put in front of him. He will call them sexist adjectives or propose to have sex without any type of inhibition. And there is another salient feature of Peacemaker: is tremendously cynical, incorrect, and this inaccuracy will be challenged throughout the chapter.

However, in this first episode we will also understand why this is so. And it is there that the father figure appears, whom he visits shortly after leaving the hospital. His father, played by Robert Patrick (the T-1000 from “Terminator 2”), is more racist, homophobic and “conspiracy theorist” than he is. He even sees it as a shame, having allowed himself to be imprisoned and shot.

The new team and the mission

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Before seeing his father, Peacemaker he finds that, in order not to return to prison, he must be part of a new secret operations team, which is made up of two former subordinates of Amanda Waller who, after disobeying her orders in “Suicide Squad”, have been demoted: the deadly Emilia Harcourt (Jennifer Holland) and John Economos (Steve Agee), the “brain” of the team.

Who seems to be the right arm of Peacemaker is Leota Adebayo (Danielle Brooks), the “new girl.” She represents the complete opposite of him: she is African-American, lesbian, and with a broad complexion. But she also has something in common: she is talkative and has a unique sense of humor. Adebayo is also the daughter of Amanda Waller, and her eyes and ears in the mission they will have to carry out.

The leader is Clemson Murn (Chukwudi Iwuji), an experienced mercenary who works for Waller and is in charge of “Project Butterfly”. he needs to Peacemaker to kill his targets: if he opposes, he goes back to prison; if he escapes, the bomb at the base of his skull will detonate.

A separate mention deserves Eagly, the white-headed eagle (one of the symbols we talked about at the beginning). This animal with a powerful beak and long wings is the “sidekick” of Peacemaker, his partner in the fight and who shows him the most affection.

What else happens in the chapter?

Peacemaker He picks up Eagly and a new suit from his father’s house, who hides an entire arsenal of special weapons in his basement. He tells him that he expects him to do something good, like kill communists, blacks or Jews, to which his son replies that he doesn’t do those things, but fights crime. There is reflected the tension between the protagonist and his father.

The team will also meet at a restaurant, where Peacemaker You will receive your first mission: to assassinate a senator, who is only said to pose a threat to the citizens.

The chapter could not end without a little violence. After being rejected by Harcourt in a bar, Peacemaker he will flirt with another girl, who will take him home. The latter will turn out to have superhuman abilities very similar to those of a feline and will try to kill him for no reason. Both will fight half-naked, with a glam rock classic in the background: “I don’t love you anymore” by The Quireboys. Blows and a lot of blood, the perfect ending for a chapter so loaded with information.


I understood that reference

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“Peacemaker”: Our opinion on the first episode of the new HBO Max series