Paul Stanley and Arath de la Torre make you forget about socks in cans, their advice improves on Martha Debayle’s

In the last few days, you probably noticed that the presenter Martha debayle It became a trend on social networks, after it gave some advice to its followers for when they receive visits at home and they ask for a canned sodathen according to the also announcer your employees are instructed that your guests always give the can covered with a sockyes, you read that right with a sock.

Due to the above, this caused multiple reactions, most of them mocking because they mocked the councils “tools” of Martha debayleIn this situation, the drivers of the Hoy program, Paul Stanley and Arath de la Torre further enhanced these tips during the morning broadcast.

The new section of Today

It was during the new section of the Today program whose name is “There are no memes” where so much paul stanley What Arath of the Tower They talked a little about Martha Debayle’s advice to have better attention to her guests.

And it is that the section tries to mention the most viral topic of the moment and which has left the best memes of the week, themselves that they present, for which reason this Thursday they mentioned the tips from martha debaylewho assures that “the devil is in the details”

However, the presenters of the Today program They shared as a mockery and even with some sarcasm that they have better advice than what the presenter gives not only to offer cans but also bottles of beer to their guests.

The best tips from Paul Stanley and Arath de la Torre

In the final part of the new section of the Today programas we mentioned before, Paul Stanley and Arath de la Torre They gave advice for those who receive guests in their homes and they ask for a beer.

And it is that, although Arath of the Tower referred to this drink as “loggerhead”, both he and Paul Stanley agreed that it sounded very bad so they decided to call it in a bombastic way as “effervescent drink based on barley malt”.

“This is a type that we are going to give to you who are watching us, because it is very ordinary, how can you take your socks off?… just look at the elegance,” said Paul Stanley

While Paul Stanley and Arath de la Torre They said the above, they applied glue from the middle of the container downwards with a brush and later they passed it over a tub which contained different colored glitter.

“You can do it at home so that your packaging looks elegant and unusual, hasn’t it improved little by little?” said Arath de la Torre

After this the Today’s drivers They did an exercise on how they should order and serve the beer as explained above, however, this was not the only issue that Arath and Paul they played mockingly.

Well Paul Staley at the time of serving the “effervescent drink made from barley malt.she acted as if she were crying because she had remembered her grandmother “chabela“Well, she revealed that her grandmother was Queen Elizabeth who had just passed away.

And it is worth remembering that Martha debayle It also became a trend after the death of the Queen Isabel since the presenter cried when she broke the news and when she said that her daughter had spoken to her on the phone, crying, because she said that Queen Elizabeth II was her grandmother.


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Paul Stanley and Arath de la Torre make you forget about socks in cans, their advice improves on Martha Debayle’s