Paty Navidad blows up MasterChef Celebrity’s kitchen for talking too much

Mexican actress Paty Christmas is one of the most controversial participants in the broadcast of celebrities of MasterChef Celebrity, the actress and singer has tried to do the best role as a cook on the show.

In the third chapter, the star managed to climb to the balcony during the first challenge, it was the dreaded “mystery box”, where he had to merge an Asian dish with Mexican cuisine.

Paty called her recipe “Chin-gón”, her creativity captivated Chef Bety, Chef Herrera and Chef Juan Ramón so they decided that like Paco Chacón and Germán Montero she will be saved from elimination.

When the Sinaloan went up, he made a comment that was not well seen by all his colleagues, he mentioned that he was glad to be with the participants who, if they knew, but then justified his words by mentioning that it was not because those who stayed below did not know what they did, unleashing a series of shared opinions.

In social networks, many users confessed that they are already fans of the controversial celebrity, who should be noted is rumored to be the culprit that the program delayed its premiere due to its contagion by Covid-19, because he refused to believe its existence.

According to the description of MasterChef Celebrity Ana Patricia Navidad Lara was born on May 20, she is a renowned Mexican actress and singer. “She started” her artistic career after being crowned “Señorita Sinaloa”. Since then, he has grown up with stellar and co-star roles in endless soap operas, series, movies and theater ”.

In addition to his participation in television, he has also recorded albums as a singer and has received innumerable recognitions for his artistic work. It was in 1998 that he recorded his first album, “Instantes”.


“Paty is mentally incapacitated, because a tumor in her head makes her lose the notion of what she says or does and that is why she is not able to make decisions”The interviewee explained to the entertainment magazine TV notes, who assured that due to the illness the doctors and his sister had to make the decision to administer the medications without their consent.

In 2012 they detected a tumor in the pituitary gland, and according to the statements, that Christmas he had it controlled with medications, which he had to take for life, but three years ago he decided to suspend them. As a result, the tumor has grown again “and is oppressing the limbic system”, which is the part of the brain that controls emotions.

In the interview, this person affirms that due to her condition “she is out of reality and talks nonsense”, which could be the answer to her constantly saying things that cause controversy.

Article: Soure