Parents of ‘The Walking Dead’ actress Alicia Witt found dead

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Alicia Witt appears in Merry Mixup. New clues are emerging about the death of his parents.

The parents of Alicia Witt, Robert Witt, 87, and Diane Witt, 75, were found dead in their home Monday night, Dec. 20, after Alicia Witt asked a cousin to give them a wellness check. Police were unable to quickly determine the cause of death for the Hallmark star’s parents, and officials are now awaiting the medical examiner’s report. But new clues are emerging about what could have happened so close to Christmas, including court cases involving damage to her home and health problems her mother may have suffered as a result.

Her mother had health problems after an ice storm damaged her home, according to court records.

Witt’s parents reported having health problems after their home was damaged, which a neighbor told the Boston Herald that it was in “terrible condition.” According to court documents obtained by Telegram & Gazette, Diane Witt reported health problems after an ice storm on December 12, 2008 damaged her home. Court records in a 2011 case filed against Hanover Insurance stated that exposure to mold and fiberglass had left Diane Witt with “memory difficulties [y] with communication ”. Court records also say that, as a result, he suffered from trouble breathing, sleeping, congestion and nosebleeds.

Telegram & Gazette reported that the case claimed that the $ 110,000 paid was not enough to repair the damage to his home. A lawyer for the insurance company, in response, claimed in 2017 that the couple only made rudimentary repairs, including placing a tarp over the damaged roof. The city threatened a $ 10,000 fine in 2014 if the tarp was not removed, but it still remained, the Telegram & Gazette reported.

The Hanover Insurance attorney wrote that the couple’s home “remains in disrepair to this date.”

On December 11-12, 2008, a major ice storm caused a loss of power for 375,000 customers in Massachusetts, reported Telegram in February 2021. More than 100,000 people in Worcester County alone were without power. It was a historic ice storm for the county, causing an inch or more of ice. The Landmark informó that the storm caused millions of dollars worth of damage. A state of emergency was declared for the region and the affected parts were called a federal disaster zone.

The couple had heating problems, but it is not known if that influenced their deaths.

The couple had heating problems in their home at one point, but it is not known if that played a role in their deaths. A dispatcher told officers who responded to the wellness check that they were using a relative’s space heater after the oven broke the week before and that they had “compromised immune systems.” informó Telegram & Gazette.

However, other neighbors told Boston 25 They hadn’t heard of any heating problems in the house, and they saw an oil truck making a delivery recently before the couple died.

Authorities told Boston 25 that there were no signs of trauma and that hypothermia may have played a role in the Witts’ deaths. One of their parents was wearing a coat at home when they were found. It was 15 degrees the night before informó Telegram & Gazette.

Robert Witt had several falls in recent years

In addition to his cancer, Robert Witt also reportedly suffered from several falls over the years. Telegram & Gazette reported that it filed legal action related to three falls, including a 2012 fall in front of a bank (the case was dismissed), a 2014 fall in a supermarket parking lot, and a 2015 fall into a hole that left the city after a tree was removed. You were awarded $ 1,000 for the third case.

Neighbors said they didn’t get out of the house much, but Alicia Witt would send a car to pick them up when she was in town

Court documents obtained by Telegram & Gazette revealed that the Witts stayed at home most of the time because Robert Witt’s cancer put him at risk for COVID-19. Neighbors told police that the couple often did not open the door when they called and that they did not have cable TV or a computer.

A neighbor said: “In the last four years we have not seen them at all.”

A neighbor told the Boston Herald that Alicia Witt had bought her parents a van, but that it was mostly in the driveway. A neighbor told the Telegram & Gazette that they were proud of their daughter and enjoyed her visits. Daily Mail reported that Witt would send a car to pick up his parents when they were in town, so they could spend time together.

Alicia Witt said in a statement to Telegram & Gazette: “I contacted a cousin who lives near my parents to see how they are. Sadly, the result was unimaginable. I ask for some privacy at this time to cry and understand this turn of events and this surreal loss. “

The couple was kind-hearted

The neighbors told Telegram & Gazette that Alicia Witt’s parents were so kind that her father didn’t even want to get a family of bunnies out of a broken down car after the animals moved into it.

The neighbor said they were the “kindest and gentlest souls I have ever met.”

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Parents of ‘The Walking Dead’ actress Alicia Witt found dead