Paola Nuñez puts the Mexican touch to the new version of Resident Evil on Netflix

Over the years we have seen several different versions and recreations of resident Evil. East 2022the story that began on the consoles of video game, comes to the small screen to give us a new version in a format that had not been explored by the franchise: the television series.

It is clear that we have left behind the version released 20 years ago with Jovovich mile to the head. After six films from 2002 to 2017, the film franchise seems to have closed its doors after trying to restart the story in 2021 with a seventh, and has opened another world of possibilities with this adaptation of Netflix in format Serie. Thus marking a new evolution in the franchise that marks one of the most anticipated premieres of the platform in July 2022.

Paola Nuñez and Lance Reddick are Eveyn Marcus and Albert Wesker in the Netflix series Resident Evil. Netflix.

When is Resident Evil released?

Resident Evil will see the beginning of this new adaptation on July 14. We will have to be careful.

What is Resident Evil about?

In 2036, in a world where only about 15 million humans remain after the outbreak of a deadly virus, Jade Wesker fight to survive the virus that has turned people into inhuman beings. Trying to figure out what happened to her sister Billie and her father, the series finds us with flashbacks from 2022, when Jade moves to New Raccoon City, the place where the T-virus was deployed in humanity.

Resident Evil cast

Ella Balinska

The young English actress is the protagonist of this new streaming television series in the role of Jade Wesker.

lance reddick

The one known for the John Wick action movies and for standing out in series like The Wire, will be Albert Wesker. Jade’s father and who is highly linked to the creation of the T virus.

Paola Nunez

Mexican actress Paola Núñezhas its great addition to the world of Netflix as Eveyn Marcus.

Tamara Smart

The British known for youth productions such as Advice from a kangaroo to hunt monsters, The worst witch or Artemis Fowl, comes to Netflix as the minor version of Jade Wesker.

What is the difference between the Resident Evil series and movies?

We know that the Japanese Resident Evil video game has taken its way away from the narrative of Hollywood movies. However, with this new adaptation of the story, it is common for doubts to arise about the connection between movies and series. Summing up a bit, we can say that the saga starring Jovovich mile had its beginning in 2002 and its end in 2017 with The Final Chapter, having Apocalypse (2004), Extinction (2007), Afterlife (2010) and Retribution (2013) in between. Thus giving an end to one of the highest-grossing sagas based on video games in cinema.

On the other hand, last 2021 we saw, in a kind of remake far removed from the history of 2002, the beginning of what was intended to be a new saga based on the Japanese video game. Thus marking, according to producer James Wan, the reboot of the film saga with Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon Citystarring Kaya Scodelario. However, and on par with the film project, Andrew Dabb has created another completely different reboot of the series and focused on its distribution by Netflix. So they will have nothing to do with the world of cinema in the television series.

Resident Evil trailer


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‘Welcome home’, Billie and Jade’s father is heard saying as they arrive at New Raccoon City. The story that little by little becomes a real nightmare full of zombies, where we see Albert’s experimentation with rats, which in theory would lead to the T virus.

The first images of Resident Evil

Lance Reddick is Albert Wesker, who will have a lot to do with the creation of the T virus in this new adaptation of the video game. Netflix.

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Paola Nuñez puts the Mexican touch to the new version of Resident Evil on Netflix