Pam and Tommy: “We had humanity, empathy and sympathy for their story”

In the last few months, Sebastian Stan and Lily James they filled the networks with their images for what will be an expected project of Hulu. Pam and Tommy, directed by Craig Gillespie (I, Tonya) will step into the director’s chair for this series destined to recount one of the most memorable sex scandals of the 1990s. In an era when it was not even known what a viral video was, a man stole a video from him intimate to Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee, and sold it on the internet.

The story will be told in this new series of Hulu which today released its first trailer and allowed its protagonists to be seen in action for the first time. The aforementioned actors are joined by Nick Offerman (Parks and Recreation) and Seth Rogen as those responsible for stealing and trading the private tape of Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee.

One of those involved in the production was Ethan Tobman, production designer who worked on films such as Room, Beautiful Boy, Free Guy and The Report. In an interview with Spoiler, gave some details regarding the axis that were raised when thinking about how to face this long-awaited series. “God, I’m looking forward to the premiere of the series.”, assured Tobman before starting to tell what will be seen in this 8-episode fiction.

“I believe and fear that people are ready to beat up a woman for exploiting a woman who had nothing to do with a video that was commercially exploited and was extremely personal, and it ended up sinking her career. She undoubtedly changed the narrative at a time in her life when she was the most popular actress on the most popular television show in history to this day. One billion people saw it “, assured Tobman. At the discretion of the production designer, the audience “She is ready to say that it is an exploitative or sexist series”. However, he was in charge of highlighting the “Level of humanity, empathy and sympathy that we had for its history”.

The production designer of Pam and Tommy He also stressed that the series will speak of a time of “The loss of privacy that the internet created and the laws that protected web pages from being sued for not being the primary hosts”. According to Tobman, the government protected companies such as MySpace so that the use of the internet would grow and today it continues to happen with others such as Facebook O Instagram. “That has to be regulated”, he pointed.

The characterization of Sebastian Stan and Lily James

The first thing that was seen in the networks about Pam and Tommy it was a photo that emulated a classic snapshot that was taken Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee. The resemblance of Sebastian Stan and Lily James It was amazing, but this was not only highlighted by the fans but also by Tobman, which featured: “What surprised me the most was seeing every day on set Lily, Sebastian and Seth, they are unrecognizable, they are incredible actors “. On the other hand, he highlighted the work of Craig Gillespie: “He’s a genius doing comedy and drama, and making very eccentric people matter to you, making them incredibly self-critical and easy to empathize with.”.

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Pam and Tommy: “We had humanity, empathy and sympathy for their story”