“Pálpito”, will it have season 2 on Netflix?

After the success of “” Y “”, He decides to bet on another Colombian series and presents “Pálpito”, which follows Simon, a man who is determined to take revenge on the organ trafficking organization that murdered his wife and on the person who now has Valeria’s heart.

To achieve his goal, he must face very powerful and dangerous people, and in the process, he accidentally meets Camila, a photographer who is obsessed with discovering the identity of her donor.

The series starring Michel Brown, Lucía Domínguez and Sebastián Martínez only premiered on Wednesday, April 20, 2022, but users of the streaming platform and fans of Colombian productions are already asking about a second season of “”.


So far, the streaming giant has not made any announcement about the future of the Colombian series, but apparently in the last chapter, the stories of Simón, Camila and Zacarias have not yet finished, so it could continue in a new delivery.

In the final episode of “”, Camila makes a difficult decision, while Checo’s next mission leads Simón into the heart of Sarmiento’s organization and a harrowing discovery. But will that give her the much-needed peace?

Although neither the protagonists nor the producers have shared details about a possible second round of episodes, the road is ready to delve deeper into the relationship that arose between Simón and Camila, as well as what Zacarias will do to find his wife.

For now, all that remains is to wait for the official response from Netflixwhich usually takes a few weeks to evaluate the reaction of the audience and although it does not share these figures, they can determine if a series is renewed or canceled.

What will happen to Simón and his family in a second season of "Hunch"? (Photo: Netflix)
What will happen to Simón and his family in a second season of “Pálpito”? (Photo: Netflix)


Yes Netflix renews”Hunch” for a second season, the new episodes will most likely premiere on the streaming platform sometime in 2023.

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“Pálpito”, will it have season 2 on Netflix?