“Our story was poorly told”: Maite Perroni and Andrés Tovar speak about their relationship for the first time

Maite Perroni and Andrés Tovar spoke for the first time about their relationship and shared their feelings about the criticism and accusations of those who have been subjected after announcing their engagement, because at the beginning it was speculated that the former RBD had been the alleged guilty of divorce between producer and actress Claudia Martin.

Our story was told wrong and it was exposed in a disrespectful and unfair way, “said the couple in an interview with Caras magazine.” You cannot talk about a story without knowing it, only we can write it, “they added.

Maite and Andrés are calm

“In life, the most important thing is to fight for your happiness. When you know what the truth is, you have the strength and the courage to show you as you are. This is what we have done, because we have nothing to hide, and in the end, this has brought us closer together. “

Maite Perroni says she is at peace because she has acted consistently and things with Andrés Tovar “settled down” at the right time.

“I feel very good, I am very happy, the truth is that I am very fulfilled and I think that is the most important thing when one live in congruence and it manifests itself as such “.

He added that “it can’t be different, I think heart, mind and soul settle when things are from the same place, “said the singer to Caras.

Criticism and accusations haunt them

Since they confirmed their courtship, they have been the target of criticism for the supposed way in which they started their romance. However, they both know their truth and don’t let it affect them.

“I think it works for everyone that when we are faced with a situation like this, it is to remember that what the other says does not really determine who you areYou know who you are, you know how you do things and you have to have that faith, “Perroni said.

“It is news that the day it’s true I’ll be the first to want to share it with all of you with great emotion, “he said in a meeting with the media on November 24.

The actress stressed that sometimes the press publishes lies: “When that happens I will be more than happy to say it, but I think this, once again, is proof that so many things are communicated without knowing what is true, but well, that’s what we dedicate ourselves to and we are exposed all the time, but no, is not true and when it is, I am going to tell it, “he said bluntly.

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“Our story was poorly told”: Maite Perroni and Andrés Tovar speak about their relationship for the first time