“Our life has gone away”: they reveal the sad moments that Johnny Ventura’s family lived at the funeral

this funeral behind closed doorsfor the great johnny ventura.tania: hello, I tell you how veryemotional.the first image that viabe a phrase that said “selife was for us “.I was on top of the coffin, whichit was very sad, everyonewas crying, the widow, donaFIFA, I was very sad.his daughter Ana was passing him byWater.there were moments that shethey gave other people“I need you to stay away.”a very emotional moment waswhen her granddaughterhe said “grandmother, why my grandfatherhas to stay in theDarling?”.that was something extremely sad.they went through severalfigures of the aristic environmentgiving goodbye to whoever it wasthe merenguero of the century, johnnyVentura, who maróan epoch in republicDominican, this was withtears in the eyes, all themundo ándole eleltimo debtorto the meringue horse.maity: What happened there when youdid you see?pampering photos, but you lived it.tania: it was sad.I was there, at 4:00 pmIt was the mass of the present body,and the father, u know that johnnyVentura was a Christian, heturned in 2008.there has been music sinceyou arrived, carols, and themost emotional and peak momentit was when they sang a songChristian and said “sir, Iyou have looked into my eyes andsmiling you have said my name “,It was when the family wasabraó, at that moment they arrivedthe grandchildren of the united states,Carlos, player too,they all came and were latehard, and it was a very hugemotional in which allthey were very sad,shattered by this greatlost.Érdida.it was not a loss just forthe family and republicDominican, but for the world,all over the world they are givingmanifestations of love andaffection, and solidarity for thefamily.maity: a very special moment,thanks for sharing thosedetails, we saw the picture ofJuan Luis Guerra arriving,we know other famousthey were there with him.tell us a little about what famousdid you see and if you managed to talkwith them, and how was theinteraction with the family ofdon johnny ventura.tania: lion eddy herrera,there was also manny cruz,there were the Rosario brothers,all artists, juan luiswar too, and theythey expressed their respect andconsideration towards the family,there were moments of solidarity andhugs with doña fifa.there were moments of tears, ofanecdotes, it was a beautifulat all,left passed photos withvideos of the older horse,from the first moment in thethat he was in the combo, and histrajectory, and a beautiful photoof him smiling, as alwayswas, because he expressed theI was glad to the Dominican people,right now I have the hairsarm standing.his music marched the peopleDominican. do you remember thatbeen the father of thosemerengueros del pís.there was a very nice anecdoteof the arroco, which was the day thatthe cardinal fell to doña fifa andto Johnny Ventura,and he gave her a concertprivate,ai everybody and broke incrying, remembering the momentsof joy with the greatmerenguero, johnny ventura.roxana: thanks for thosedetails and anecdotes, we havemade feel like uswe were also in thosedifficult moments.we have to know that thehope is in life,this message of faith thathas his family united,