On offer flash the HDMI cable you need to watch 8K videos

The arrival of the new generation of console, led by the unicorn PS5 and followed by the new Xbox, has increased the interest of many users to prepare and get hold of an 8K TV. To be fully prepared we will also need a compatible HDMI cable, since possibly the one we have now connected is out of date. Luckily, right now we find one of the best flash deals on Amazon.

Better picture and sound quality

This Ibra Luxuri HDMI 2.1 cable allows, as we say, enjoy 8K 60Hz and 4K 120Hz. Its ultra high speed supports 48G bandwidth for all HDMI 2.1 functions. The cable also features very low EMI emission and is backward compatible with the HDMI specification, so it can be used with existing HDMI devices.

It also offers high compatibility with dynamic HDR, which ensures that each frame is displayed with the ideal values ​​of depth, detail, brightness, contrast, as well as with wider color gamuts. Its EARC system simplifies connectivity and supports the most advanced audio formats to achieve the highest quality. Its Automatic Low Latency Mode (ALLM) allows the ideal latency to be set automatically, which also ensures smooth and uninterrupted viewing and interactivity. If we translate this into day-to-day, we will see a smoother and more realistic movement in games, movies and videos.

IBRA Luxury 2.1 Cable HDMI de 8K

This cable can be chosen in various sizes according to our needs, from 0.75m to 3 meters. It has a durable nylon braided design with extreme durability and 24K gold-plated connectors for better picture, sound quality, and stable signal transmission. Your driver is from high purity 100% OFC (oxygen-free copper) and triple-shielded. This cable has passed the most stringent safety measures, with verification directly from the assembly line to ensure it performs at the highest level.

With a temporary offer

Amazon flash deals are seen and unseen. The cable has a price right now of 17.45 euros, but if we click on the discount box before buying, we can benefit from an additional 5%. This leaves its price at 16.58 euros, which makes it a very attractive option if you are looking for a quality HDMI cable for your 8K content. It is possibly one of the highest rated on Amazon, with almost 1,300 reviews and a score of 4.6 out of 5.