Official trailer of Welcome to Eden, the new Spanish Netflix series

We already have the official trailer for Welcome to Eden, Netflix’s new Spanish intrigue series that will land on the platform on May 6, 2022.

This May it will be incorporated into the Netflix catalog welcome to edena new original Spanish series on the platform that will surely be interesting for lovers of productions such as Elite either The Wilds.

The plot of this new netflix series It revolves around Zoa, an influencer who, when asked if she is happy, is invited along with four other attractive young people who are very active on social networks to an exclusive party on a secret island organized by the brand of a new drink.

At the party, a select few wearing a blue bracelet are invited to exclusively try the new Eden soft drink. However, after that, the young people wake up stunned to see that there is no one in the place.

They soon find what appears to be a nice community where everyone lives in peace and harmony. However, the paradise in which they find themselves is not really what it seems and the group feels that they are locked in a prison, with drones that do not stop controlling them…

After having seen the Welcome to Eden trailernow Netflix has released the Welcome to Eden official trailerwhich you can take a look at in the following video.

The cast of Welcome to Eden is made up of Amaia Aberasturi (The Age of Wrath, Akelarre, Nora), Belinda Peregrin (Baywatch: BaywatchChameleons, Accomplices to the rescue), Amaia Salamanca (Everyone liesdrum skin, I leave it whenever I want), lola rodriguez (Dressed in blue, polyamory for beginners, Poison) Y Sergio Momo (Sevillanas from Brooklyn, The neighbor, Elite).

They complete the cast Begona Vargas (The laws of the border), Ana Mena (Live singing), Bertha Vazquez (The accident), Tommy Aguilera (By the hair), William Pfening (The practitioner), Albert Baro (yreal), Dariam Coco (The turtle maneuver), Berta Castane (Everyone lies), Marina Campos (Ana Tramel: The game) Y Diego Garissawho debuts with this series.

Created by Joaquín Gorriz and Guillermo López Sánchez, the series Welcome to Eden will be available in the Netflix catalog starting May 6, 2022. Meanwhile, here we recommend some of the unknown Netflix series that nobody talks about but that will surprise you.

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Official trailer of Welcome to Eden, the new Spanish Netflix series