Now I Come, a program that made history on the radio and now on the screens

“That day was chaos in Argentina. We didn’t know what was going to happen in an hour. That’s where Now I Come was born,” he said. Luis Mino in his editorial this Tuesday.

“In 2001 he had been 20 years To know each other, a program that had its place earned, which was followed by many people, “he said. In addition, Mino had already done sports journalism and written two books, one of them To know each other, with the same name as the program.


“I had finished my stage in LT9 in 1998 and, in 2001, they told me ‘Don’t you want to go back to radio in LT10? The program went well and they told me ‘I continued with Now i come‘”Mino recalled.

“Perhaps it is easier for today’s boys and girls to reach some places. There are more means and possibilities, but transcending is different from persisting, being. It transcends when one is determined to learn and listen to the people who have a little more experience, “Mino reflected.

The journalist and director of the Group AIR, who founded the radio Santa Fe air in 2008, today it is committed to turning the medium into the “most important in the province and in the interior”.

“AIR it is going to become a multimedia. We are going to put in a lot of cutting edge technology. They will be proud that Santa Fe has the most important multimedia in the province and in the interior, “said Mino.

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The Now I Come table, with Luis Mino, at AIRE.

“All companies should strive for the personal development of each employee, who has growth expectations,” he said about his new role in multimedia.

“To all of you who love this profession, from your heart, keep taking tests every day. It is the only way to grow,” said Mino.

Strong investment in the AIRE building

As part of the growth process of the medium, the street building May 25, 3255 It will have five floors, two television studios, a new radio, a new digital newsroom and other spaces to receive people who come to the medium.

“To all of you who love this profession, keep taking the exam every day. It is the only way to grow. Don’t believe it. And do not feel confident that you have already achieved everything. Confidence is sometimes deceiving because you think you have been surpassed and superior and that makes you lose your humility, “reflected Mino. “Take risks, go for more, always. Learn and listen. Dream, it comes true,” closed the director of the AIRE group.

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Now I Come, a program that made history on the radio and now on the screens