June 9, 2021

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North Korea’s new bans: from jeans to haircuts

North Koreas new bans from jeans to haircuts

North Korea wants to live away from the western way of life in everything possible. The leader of the Asian country, Kim Jong-Un, has increased a long list of restrictions that grows every day. Specifically, jeans, piercings and a dozen haircuts associated with the western world.

But they are not the only measures that have come into force. It is also strictly prohibited speak or write as your South Korean neighbors would or import prohibited material from Seoul. Those who fail to comply, in accordance with BBC, face severe punishments.

Away from a “capitalist” lifestyle

Recently, in a letter published by Kim Jong-Un in the national media, he expressed concern about the “unpleasant, individualistic and antisocial behavior”, which qualified as “dangerous poisons”.

In the same lines one of the local newspapers was expressed, Rodong Sinmun, at the end of May. Then, the official North Korean media assured that they should “be careful with the slightest sign of the capitalist lifestyle and fight to get rid of it“.

In order for these measures to be fulfilled, the Patriotic Youth League will act as a kind of “fashion police” to intercept those who wear foreign-looking clothing: no jeans broken or too tight, no hairs on end or colored dye.

Dogs as pets, prohibited

Last summer, one of the most notorious bans by North Korea He arrived with the dogs as protagonists. The country stopped allowing them as pets, while some British media reported that the government was confiscating to send them to state zoos.

According to the Executive, pets with a symptom of “capitalist decadence”. Nor, finally, is the use of sarcasm allowed, especially when talking about the Government, or watch foreign series or those that criticize Kim Jong-Un.