‘Nine Perfect Strangers’, review: Nicole Kidman shines again in a delusional series

Nine Perfect Strangers it seems like a kind of All Star of contemporary actors headed by Nicole Kidman. The poster is impressive and that usually arouses suspicion. Will the accumulation of so much talent work? Will the script, production or direction be in favor of your abilities or will it be other content in which it is only about moving people with the reputation of those present? The New serie Amazon Prime Video, Directed by Jonathan Levine, Efficiently Beats Those Questions.

On Nine Perfect Strangers contemporary series resonate like Big Little Lies (David E. Kelley, 2017), but with a more spicy point: the psychological drama sometimes caresses the terror. It can not be considered a series of that genre, but the mystery and emotional traps that it puts the viewer through the characters. The same ones in which they fall until they open up to different fears and possibilities, can be uncomfortable. This is a series triumph, scripted by David E. Kelley, John-Henry Butterworth and Samantha Strauss.

Nine Perfect Strangers It is inspired by the homonymous novel written by Liane Moriarty. In it, nine people isolate themselves in a specialized center for various traumas and addictions, from dependence on mobile phones to old sports traumas and professional careers on the air. The initial interaction between them motivates different pulses, released with sarcasm or humor, as the case may be. Refreshing, others, part of a story that from the beginning hints to be more tense than a new girdle.

Nine perfect strangers: Nicole Kidman
and the poster of actors

Seen what has been seen in the last productions in which she participated, Nicole Kidman is in that stage of his career in which he does not make dissonant performances, but huge ones. On Nine Perfect Strangers offers another, playing Masha, the person in charge of that rehabilitation center. Although in appearance it emerges as a being of light, its shadow extends over the rest of the characters through the different psychotropics that it supplies them, without their knowing it at first until they realize it with the passing of the chapters.

Their role, together with the personality of each of those involved, opens up a range of possibilities and questions in relation to the Amazon Prime Video story. Neither director nor scriptwriters rush to generate responses, which is key to sustaining the viewer’s attention. Nicole Kidman is joined Luke Evans, Michael Shannon, Grace Van Patten, Regina Hall y Bobby Cannavale. Kidman gets the most referrals for his work. But any of the other actors offers an interpretation to match the Australian.