Nicola Porcella conquered Wendy Guevara and the Mexicans; She already has a fan club: “Las Nicolitas”

The new edition of reality show “The House of the Famous” It continues to conquer viewers and users of social networks, since it has been a trend since it began on Sunday, June 4. At the beginning, the names of the best-known figures stood out, such as Sergio Mayer, Poncho de Nigris and Paul Stanley, as well as Emilio Osorio, Bárbara Torres and Raquel Bigorra.

However, a big surprise has been the ex-soccer player and Peruvian actor Nicola Porcella, who in less than two weeks captivated with his way of being. At first, she was kept on the sidelines, since she was a “new” face; However, being part of “Team Infierno” suited him wonderfully because he makes a good team with his roommates, Apio Quijano, Emilio Osorio, Poncho de Nigris, Sergio Mayer and Wendy Guevara.

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Nicolas Porcella, one of the favorites to win

As if that were not enough, the former television host He not only conquered Wendy Guevara, but also the Mexicans, who fill him with compliments on social networks. Last night, the inhabitants of “La Casa de los Famosos” had a party with the theme of “The Great Gatsby” and he turned heads, since many people commented that “he is the most handsome” of the reality show.

In fact, Nicola Porcella already have a club fans called “Las Nicolitas”so now there are not only “Team Heaven” and “Team Hell”, but also the “Team Las Nicolitas”. This means that the 35-year-old Peruvian is one of the favorites to win. Some people comment that the three people who have to reach the final are Emilio Osorio, Wendy Guevara and Nicola Porcella.

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The former soccer player gained strength as a result of the fact that he began to get along with his teammates, especially with the influencers trans, who is originally from León, Guanajuato. She romantically links them, since they both keep bothering each other. But beyond that, the Peruvian has said that he has a good friendship with Wendy Guevara, who was one of the first to offer her support, given the depression she is experiencing. Some users comment that Nicola Porcella is taking advantage of this, but other people state that the good bond they have forged is noticeable.

In fact, Nicola Porcella defends the content generator, stating that she is a good person and would like to see her in the final. He also helps her when she can’t pronounce words, since she only studied elementary school. For many users, these actions speak well of the ex-soccer player, who encourage Wendy Guevara always.

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Emilio Osorio, key player

As if that were not enough, the Peruvian also gets along well with Emilio Osorio, whom Wendy Guevara considers as a “little brother”. In a way, they have built a family and their fans are the happiest. In fact, “Las Nicolitas” send messages to Nicola Porcella, in order to guide him in the game so that he stays as long as possible in “La Casa de los Famosos”.

It is common for Nicola Porcella, Wendy Guevara and Emilio Osorio to live fun moments, thus emphasizing their friendship. That is why the Peruvian has won over the Mexicans, so that he went from being a “new” face to being one of the favorites.

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Nicola Porcella conquered Wendy Guevara and the Mexicans; She already has a fan club: “Las Nicolitas”