New releases of Apple TV + Don’t miss a thing!

As tradition says, Fridays are special days on Apple TV+, since it is the day of the week that Apple launches its new series and movies and therefore, this Friday, July 7, was not going to be an exception and we have the Launch of a new series. As you well know, the hallmark of Apple TV+ is quality over quantity, therefore, the number of releases will always be less than the rest, but with the exception that all the stories that are published have the stamp of Apple quality.

Duck and Goose

Duck and Goose are launching their ssecond season on Apple TV+. The animated series is based on the Tad Hills Bestseller“Duck and Goose”, a series for a children’s audience that celebrates the unique friendship of both characters, despite their differences.

The series highlights the importance of love and friendship between two magnificent friends and the possibility that they can live with someone who can help you see life differently and solve all the problems that arise on a daily basis.

New releases July 12 and 14

Along with this launch, Apple plans to launch two new series over the next week, the second season The Afterparty and Foundation. Regarding The Afterparty, the second season focuses on the murder of the groom on the wedding day and all the guests are suspects. To find the culprit, Detective Dannder Haddish returns to help Ania and Zoë to solve the mystery from interviews with all members of the family. Despite the fact that the series begins as tragically as the death of the boyfriend, humor and laughter will be constant throughout the story.

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The other great premiere of the week is the second season of Foundation, one of the most spectacular science fiction series that Apple TV+ has in its catalogue. If you already found the first season interesting, the second is even better, since the Cleos, the Imperial family that had ruled with an iron fist, faces an unstoppable fall. In this critical situation, a vengeful queen wants dismantle the empire from within, causing unprecedented chaos in the galaxy. Meanwhile, Cari, Gail and Salvor continue their fight for survival and the search for the truth.

Apple TV+ Foundation

Next releases

apple tv+

To conclude this article, we highlight the following premieres that will soon arrive on Apple TV+ so that, in this way, the hype will gradually rise. Here we leave you everything you can enjoy in a few weeks.

  • Stephen Curry: An underrated player. July 21
  • Beanie fever. 28 of July.
  • Killers of the Flower Moon (new movie)
  • Black & Blues: The Colorful Ballad of Louis Armstrong (documentary).
  • The Sound of 007 (documentary).
  • Argyle (film)
  • Sharper (film)
  • Napoleon
  • Number One on the Call Sheet
  • Ghosted
  • spellbound
  • The Beanie Bubble
  • Bride
  • Snow Blind
  • Dolly
  • Bad Sisters
  • hijack
  • criminal records

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New releases of Apple TV + Don’t miss a thing!