New progressive rock radio program of ‘Los Recuerdos del Unicornio’ (November 30, 2021) –

The new program of the veteran progressive rock space ‘Los Recuerdos del Unicornio’, corresponding to the November 30, 2021, is now online for you to enjoy:

– Summary of program content:

“The novelty of this week’s program is not in the music – well, something yes, that some work just appeared we premiered – but in everything else. Let me explain: after several attempts, some of which we already anticipated at the beginning of the new season, we have finally managed to make use of global technology to our advantage, and in this edition you will not only have to suffer the comments of Paco López, but also those of Luis Berreiros. The technical part that allows us to carry out a program for several Voices, each one of us being at a geographical point, is the responsibility of José Fidel García, whom we thank from here for his tenacity in unraveling the mysteries of the wiring that, for an expert, should be like eating pipes, but for 3 lay people like us They are as convoluted and inscrutable as the labyrinth of Thebes.
The fact is that, with the team of Los Memories of the Unicorn in full after so long, you can imagine that verbiage -may be vain, or maybe not, that is to taste- there is to bore. But in between, some good progressive rock fits us.
Thus, today we have the new and refreshing work of some dinosaurs of the thing, PREMIATA FORNERIA MARCONI. We also hear the new, but less refreshing -although very correct- of other dinosaurs (watch out, teenage dinosaurs, if we stick to the timescale of growth of these legendary beings), DREAM THEATER. We recover and value the latest work by PENDRAGON, which are not exactly youngsters either. The weakness of Luis, another “kid”, STEVE HACKETT, reappears on the program. We also have the latest from THE TEA PARTY that we considered extinct, but it turns out not, that they survived the glaciation and come back with some very rock rhythms. And finally – oh surprise, another “recent” band! – the legendary KANSAS, who defy the passage of time by putting their historic repertoire live with almost youthful energy.
Well, what has been said, that we are all glad to be back. Enjoy the show. “

– You can listen to it here:

Light version for mobiles and tablets:

Remember that this progressive rock program is broadcast every Tuesday from 23:30 to 1:00 on Radio Enlace 107.5 FM Madrid.

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New progressive rock radio program of ‘Los Recuerdos del Unicornio’ (November 30, 2021) –