New movies and series on Netflix, HBO Max, Prime Video and Disney+ this weekend (January 20)

We have reached the end of a week well-loaded with premieres from platforms such as Netflix, HBO Max, Prime Video Y Disney+where we find a few films Y series interesting to see.

As we know that many of you wait for the last days of the week to relax and watch the premieres, at Hobby Consolas we help you choose by compiling The best new movies and series on Netflix, HBO Max, Prime Video and Disney+ to watch on the weekend of January 20, 2023.

One of the most mythical comedies is back on Netflix


Trailer for That ’90s Show, sequel to the iconic comedy series coming to Netflix

we start the Netflix Spain releases highlighting the arrival of That ’90s Showthe sequel series to the legendary sitcom That ’70s Show in which (almost) the entire original cast is back.

On this occasion, the series places us in the year 1995 and its plot centers on Leia Forman, the daughter of Eric and Donna. Leia visits her grandparents Red and Kitty in Point Place, where she meets several kids her age who she befriends, forming a new group that will invade the Formans’ basement.

For horror lovers, we have among the best new Netflix series Junji Ito Maniac: Japanese Tales of the Macabrean anthology that compiles a total of 20 self-contained stories based on the work of the popular mangaka.

The gallows balloons, Photographs (from the Tomie saga), The room with quadruple walls, The Story of the Mysterious Tunnel, Mol, Layers of Fear, The Thing that Drifted Ashore, Back Alley and The Intruder are some of the stories that will be part of what promises to be one of the best series Netflix Horror.

The best adaptation of a video game ever made arrives on HBO Max


THE LAST OF US is a new gem for HBO MAX. Impressions of the series without spoilers!

There is no doubt that the highlight of HBO Max in its premieres is The Last of Usthe television series based on the famous Naughty Dog game that It is already considered the best adaptation of a video game ever made..

Starring Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey, the plot of The Last of Us begins with Joel, a man who lost his daughter when a “zombie outbreak” caused by a mutant strain of fungus that infects the brains of humans and turns them into voracious creatures.

20 years after the event, Joel ends up being involved in an adventure in which he will have to take young Ellie with the group of Fireflies in the hope of being able to save humanity, since for some reason the girl is immune to the virus..

However, along the way, Joel and Ellie will not only have to deal with these terrible infected creatures that were once humans, but they will also have to deal with the looters that swarm the area. In our review of The Last of Us We tell you the reasons why it is one of the best series of the year.

Between the best first-run movies on hbo max we find Godzilla vs. Konga film directed by Adam Wingard starring Alexander Skarsgård, Rebecca Hall, Demian Bichir, Millie Bobby Brown, Eiza González, Shun Oguri and Kyle Chandler, among others.

This action movie shows us King Kong and Godzilla engaging in an arduous battle that shakes the foundations of the planet. For the sake of saving the beasts, Monarch embarks on a dangerous mission into uncharted territories to find and learn the origins of Godzilla and King Kong.. we leave you here our review of Godzilla vs. kingkong.

Time to roll the dice on Prime Video

We arrive at best prime video premiere series highlighting season 2 of The Legend of Vox Machinathe animated series in which one of the Dungeons and Dragons campaigns is captured by Critical Role, an American web series that began broadcasting in 2015 and where a group of professional dubbing actors meet to play the popular game of role.

Vox Machina make it up a motley crew of mercenaries and travelers who come together to party, curse, drink at the tavern, and accept quests across the lands of Exandria. we remember you here our review of The Legend of Vox Machina season 1.

The 20 best movies and series released in 2022, according to IMDb

Between the films to highlight in the weekend premieres on Prime Video we have Objectsa Spanish thriller directed by Jorge Dorado starring Álvaro Morte, Eugenia Suárez and Verónica Echegui.

Its plot follows Mario, a man who works in a large lost-and-found store where he keeps all kinds of belongings accumulated over decades and spends his free time researching the provenance of objects to return lost pieces of their lives to their owners.

One day a suitcase rescued from the bottom of the river arrives at the warehouse, inside which he finds baby clothes along with some human remains. By following the trail of the suitcase, Mario manages to reach Sara, a young woman trapped since she was a child in a human trafficking organization, a network that treats people as if they were objects.. you can read here our review of Objects.

The menu is served at Disney+ premieres

The menu

within the Disney+ news for the weekend we have The menua curious horror comedy directed by Mark Mylod that has a cast of the likes of Anya Taylor-Joy, Nicholas Hoult and Ralph Fiennes.

Its plot begins with a couple who travel to a remote coastal island to eat at an exclusive restaurant where the chef has prepared a luxurious menu that offers a unique culinary experience.

Nevertheless, the chef has prepared a secret ingredient that will have surprising results for the two lovers, encountering some of the most shocking surprises. Here you have our review of the menu.

The weirdest movies you can watch on Disney+

Between the best Disney+ premiere series we found the final season of Atlantaan interesting dramatic comedy created by and starring Donald Glover.

The series follows the story of two African-American cousins ​​navigating the rap scene in the city of Atlanta and their efforts to better their lives and the lives of their families.

Another of the premieres to highlight in Disney + is demon girlan animated series created by Darcy Fowler, Seth Kirschner and Kieran Valla whose plot follows Chrissy, a young woman who discovers that she is the daughter of Satan himself, who has been trying to find her since she was born with the intention of taking custody of her soul.. This is our review of Niña del demonio.

Here we end our review of The best premiere movies and series on Netflix, HBO Max, Prime Video and Disney+ to watch on the weekend of January 20, 2023. Which of these novelties will you enjoy on these days of rest?

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New movies and series on Netflix, HBO Max, Prime Video and Disney+ this weekend (January 20)